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Up To 5 Hurricanes Expected To Affect Los Cabos In 2022

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Up to 5 hurricanes are set to affect Los Cabos during the already active hurricane season which began on May 15th

Experts have commented that more than 19 meteorological phenomena, such as hurricanes, cyclones and tropical storms, are forecast as occurring in the Pacific. The findings were announced at the annual national meeting at the start of the tropical cyclone season, held in Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Three levels of governmental officials were in attendance, in order to implement details and strategies to deal with the potential impact of the hurricanes and the arrival of strong rains and storms.   

The municipal director of Civil Protection of Los Cabos, Leticia Rivera, who was present at the conference, announced that of the 19 hurricanes and phenomena forecast for the Pacific, 5 of them could impact the immediate area of Baja California Sur. 

Government officials confirmed they would be working closely with both emergency bodies and state security forces in the region, including Sedena (Secretary of National Defence) and Semar (Secretary of the Navy. 

They will also collaborate with the GN (National Guard) who are responsible for the protection, case and safekeeping of the population via the DNIII-E Plans, Marina Plan and Population Aid Plan, all designed to deal with natural disasters. 

The municipal director released the already decided list of names of the hurricanes which are forecast to hit the Pacific: Agatha, Blas, Celia, Darby, Estelle, Frank, Georgette, Howard, Ivette, Javier, Kay, Lester, Madeline, Newton, Orlene, Paine, Roslyn, Seymour, Tina, Virgil, Winifred, Xavier, Yolanda and Zeke. 

Laura Velázquez Alzúa, who is the national coordinator of Civil Protection, also commented that the Government of Mexico, combined with the previously mentioned emergency and security forces, is well prepared for the upcoming rainy season. 

There is a task force of more than 778,000 women and men who will help safeguard and aid any impact, as well as 37,000 land, air and water vehicles which are fully prepared to provide aid to the population. 

Leiticia Rivera also stressed that after the meeting for the national 2022 hurricane season had taken place, the Municipal Civil Protection Council will be deployed over the coming days. 

The upcoming hurricane season, although more active than usual, is nothing the country has not dealt with before and it is well-prepared for any adverse effects that may occur. 

As in previous years, news of monsoon season has done nothing to deters the waves of tourists choosing Los Cabos as a holiday destination, with the area receiving more than 500 weekly flights from the US and Europe. 

With the news of a new flight route from Madrid coming just in time for summer, Los Cabos is on the up and up as a holiday destination, particularly for luxury travellers and celebrities. Despite the destruction caused by previous hurricanes in both Mexico and neighbouring countries, Los Cabos authorities plan to retain the regions reputation as having the cleanest beaches in Mexico.

The government is also keen to target travellers from a variety of demographics, most recently receiving an award for being the most LGBT friendly destination in Mexico, as well as a top destination of choice for bachelorette parties. 

They have also invested a huge amount of money, up to $15 million, in improving infrastructure, including roads and public spaces including in rural areas which will no doubt be a great benefit and provide protection from the upcoming storms.

Money is also being invested in a Covid-19 rehabilitation plan for the area to help in recovering from the pandemic, with improvements to hotels, extended opening hours and new bars and restaurants.