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Los Cabos Receiving Over 500 Weekly Flights Amid Tourism Boom

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More than 800,000 visitors chose Los Cabos as a luxury vacation destination in the first quarter of 2022. Up 13% from 2019, the Los Cabos Tourism Board accredited the boost to the destination’s quick and effective response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that cases are dropping, and restrictions are loosening the number of visitors is on the rise with no clear end in sight.

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In response to the expected tourism boom, the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) invested 2 billion pesos in the Los Cabos Airport in 2021, expanding terminals more than 20,000 square meters to support a larger number of travelers. The majority of travelers making their way down to Los Cabos are American, representing a reported 98% of all international visitors.

Airport terminals

Keeping up with the demand, Los Cabos now has over 500 weekly flights that connect to 26 different cities in the United States, including Dallas, New York, and Los Angeles. Flights are not the only thing in demand in Los Cabos. Additionally, hotel accommodation has been at a solid 70% occupancy, with an average night’s stay totaling $455. All of this in just the first quarter, leaving many anxious to see what the rest of the busy season brings.  

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The new interest in the area means big things for Los Cabos, bringing in funds that can improve infrastructure, encourage new, luxury accommodation, and welcome refreshing culinary experiences. Even residents are on board, reporting a “greater awareness in care for the environment” thanks to the tourism boom. Part of the price that visitors will pay will for accommodation features a $1.69 daily fee, going toward the new Environmental Sanitation Tax. Funds from this tax are set to be used June the 1st of this year and will go directly toward improving infrastructure and implementing sustainability practices.

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Busy season for Los Cabos extends from December to April, with many coming to escape the cold winter months. After April, things slow down, as the summer months come to an end and vacationers get back to work. Because Los Cabos has become so popular, there has been an increase in travelers from May to June too, helping guests beat the wintertime crowds and enjoy a more relaxing, spacious experience. August and September have the most downtime, with the areas rainy season bringing at least a 20% chance of rain each day.

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During the busy season, it can be difficult to find accommodation, especially with many of the hottest resorts in high demand. Those planning a last-minute trip might find it near impossible to find a room, especially during one of the areas big upcoming events. In the fall, Ironman 70.3 and Cabo Beach Festival will come to the area, finishing up right before the busy season starts again in December.

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Among the many things visitors can look forward to when planning their travel, there are new luxurious resorts and villas, exclusive tours on private cruise ships, and signature golf courses, all set to open soon. New plans for residential areas have popped up over the last few years, creating a high demand for housing too. With the spotlight on the peninsula, continued growth is expected, especially in exclusive, unspoiled areas that overlook the ocean.

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For those wondering about the appeal, Los Cabos lies at the very tip of the Baja Peninsula, right between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez. Desert landscapes meet clear, blue waters, creating a unique backdrop with spectacular views and gorgeous sunsets. Several luxurious resorts line the most pristine beaches, offering the area’s best restaurants, shopping, and activities like sport fishing and golf.