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Cabo Named As Having The Cleanest Beaches In Mexico

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Los Cabos beaches may not have the white sand, and the warm water that are staples of the beaches in the Mexican Caribbean. However, Los Cabos beaches have been proven to be the cleanest, and most sustainable beaches in the entire country. These beaches aren’t just cleaner because the rocks on the beach prevent plenty of sargassum seaweed from washing up on the shores. They remain clean and sustainable thanks to the efforts of the volunteers, and members of the local Zofemat chapter. 

Dirty Beach

The Zofemat (Zona Federal Maritimo Terrestre) is the government body that is responsible for the maintenance of Mexican beaches. They are the same organization that is responsible for cleaning up the seaweed riddled waters of Cancun and surrounding areas. The Los Cabos chapter though has found a way to ensure that the beaches remain clean year round to give tourists the best posible beach going experience. The National Certification Institute of Mexico awarded Los Cabos beaches with the distinction of being the cleanest and most sustainable beaches in the country. They were not the only organization to claim this though. This was done after rigorous testing in both the water, sand, and other elements of local beaches. 

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Which Are The Best Beaches In Los Cabos?     

Testing was heald from the 25th of April to the 5th of May, at the following beaches: Santa María, El Chileno, Acapulquito, Palmilla, and Las Viudas. The overall security measures that were put in place to safeguard the beach were taken into account, as were environmental and sanitary requirements to be able to label these beaches as White Flag sustainable beaches

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They were also given the Platinum, and PASSE distinctions. These two certify the beaches as having followed the best practices to ensure the beach is clean. Also, it certifies that there’s a safe, and prosper environment for tourists and locals at these spots. It’s important to point out that the previously mentioned beaches were the only ones that were actually tested to have these honors bestowed on them. That does not necessarily mean though that nearby beaches that don’t appear on the list won’t feature some of the same positive characteristics. 

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Other Elements That Were Tested To Honor These Beaches As The Best In Mexico 

Sand and water quality were two of the main categories that were tested to ensure that these beaches were up to the highest standards. To be able to label them though as sustainable beaches things like how the beach deals with wastes was also judged. They even checked the log book for the local lifeguards on duty. To ensure that safety measures were being kept up to standard. 

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These logs not only include records of the times lifeguards had to help people who were having trouble out in the water. The amount of people that visit these beaches on a daily basis was also a factor that was taken into account. 

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More Cabo Beaches Could Get Tested Soon 

Currently only 5 of the main Los Cabos beaches are able to wave a white flag that distinguishes them as clean and sustainable beaches. However, the local government is looking into which beaches they feel could be tested next to be able to add local beaches to the nice list. Local authorities are thrilled to have their beaches certified by an international organization.

Sargassum Filled Beach

The local consensus is that these international certifications can help lure in tourists from all over the globe. One of the main benefits that Los Cabos beaches continue to have over other popular Mexican beaches is the lack of the sargassum seaweed that was previously referenced. This allows Cabo beach goers to only have to worry about some of the natural rocks on these beaches.