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6 Things That Can Ruin Your Cabo Vacation That Are Completely Avoidable 

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Nobody wants their vacation not to be what they expected, but it’s not uncommon to run into issues or situations that can really put a damper on what would be an amazing vacation.

And then there’s the fact that we often set our expectations so high that our vacations don’t always live up to what we expected. 

Busy Beach and Waters in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The good news is many of the things that can change a vacation from great to bad can be avoided with a little due diligence, and we’re going to tell you about six things, specifically, that can ruin your Cabo vacation that are completely avoidable.   

Forgetting Important Things 

Some important things we all need, like IDs, passports, cash, and credit cards are literally THE MOST important things not to forget. 

But there are other things that, if forgotten, can also ruin a vacation, like important medications or mobility aids, for example. 

If you make a checklist ahead of time, listing every last thing that you need, then you should be able to avoid this major vacation ruiner.   

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Overdoing It Right Away 

Another sure way to ruin a vacation that is 100 percent avoidable is overdoing it right away, and this applies to a number of things. 

Drinking too much alcohol right away can leave you feeling sick or, even worse, dehydrated, and even indulging in too much food right away can leave you feeling just blah for the rest of your vacation. 

Too much sun too fast can certainly ruin your vacation, and even too many activities packed into those first couple of days can leave you feeling tired the rest of the time.   

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Not Planning For Contingencies 

Imagine you have your vacation budget all planned out, and you think you have thought of everything, and then you get to the hotel, and you didn’t realize there are resort fees, or you have to pay for your hotel’s airport shuttle, or any number of things that can pop up. 

It’s important to plan for these contingencies so that you’re not left having to rethink your budget once you’re already in Cabo.  It’s also a good idea to keep extra savings aside in case of flight cancellations because you could end up having to get a hotel room or pay for a different flight.   

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Getting Hurt Or Becoming A Victim 

There are two things that will not only absolutely ruin a vacation but have the potential to cause even more serious problems, and you might be able to avoid them if you are safety conscious. 

Getting hurt or becoming a victim of a crime can often be avoided by following certain safety suggestions. 

If they say not to swim, don’t swim – if they say to stay in the tourist area, do it, and you’ll be taking the most important step in keeping yourself out of harm’s way.  

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Not Trying Something New 

The whole point of a vacation is to make memories, and one of the best ways to do that is to try something new, and Cabo has plenty to offer. 

Exciting culinary experiences, adventurous activities, luxurious spa treatments, five-star hotels… Whatever it is that you have never experienced before that you want to try, your vacation is the time to do it.   

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Not Going Out With A Bang 

The best way to keep your Cabo vacation fresh in your head as you go back to the daily grind is to go out with a bang. 

Whatever it is you have been looking forward to the most, whether it’s a gourmet fine dining dinner or spending a day on a luxury yacht, do it on your last day. 

This way, you’ll be heading home with a smile on your face.  

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We all worry about not having the best vacation, but most of it is up to us.  Follow these tips to get started on the right foot, and you’re sure to have an amazing Cabo vacation.

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