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This Is The Busiest Day To Fly Into Los Cabos Airport Right Now

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Los Cabos is moving into the busiest part of the Spring. With that, the negative effects of the peak season may be felt by travelers at the Los Cabos airport.

According to local authorities, the facility in San Jose del Cabo is expected to receive 12,000 passengers on average every Saturday this Spring. Making that day the busiest of the week at the local airport. 

Delta airplane parked at los cabos airport

Travelers who want to head to Los Cabos during the peak season may want to avoid arriving or departing on Saturday.

Unfortunately, for people who want to avoid long wait times or crowds in general, Saturday is going to be the day when more flights operate from the airport.

This means that if you book a flight to the region, there’s a good chance that many of the available flights will happen on a Saturday.

Local authorities also speculate that the airport will be operating 100 daily flights on average throughout March and into May. 

Front of the Airport at Los Cabos International Airport

The busiest Saturdays of the season may very well be the first two Saturdays in April.

This year Easter Sunday takes place on the second Sunday of April. That first week of the month is expected to be the busiest of the Spring for Los Cabos.

This will mainly be due to the influx of domestic tourists who may flock to Los Cabos on that date.

While foreign travelers continue to arrive in the same number throughout that weekend.

People coming to Cabo would do well to plan ahead to avoid the long lines or arrive at the airport earlier for departures to make sure that they are not at risk of missing their flight. 

Lines at immigration at an airport

Many U.S. Cities Feature Flights On Alternative Days

To avoid the busy Saturdays at the Cabo airport, travelers from certain U.S. cities may be able to fly in and out of Los Cabos on other days of the week.

For example, Spirit Airlines runs its direct flight from LAX on Thursdays and Mondays. 

Spirit Airlines plane coming out of LAX airport

United Airlines operates a direct flight to and from San Francisco on Tuesdays. There are also non-stop flights out of Dallas on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

In each of these cases, the flights to Cabo on days of the week other than Saturday are not necessarily more expensive for travelers. Unfortunately, some travelers choose to fly mainly on the weekend to get the most out of their vacation days.

Still, if you can schedule your flights on different days of the week, it’s potentially a good idea to avoid the Cabo airport on Saturdays.    

American Airlines Flight Leaving LAX

Local Authorities Recommend Heading To The Airport 4 Hours Before Your Flight

We’ve recently run a story on traffic issues getting so bad on the road that leads to the Cabo airport that authorities are recommending travelers leave for their flights well in advance.

The traffic issue has even hit tourists flying to Los Cabos via a private airplane.

Recently the tourist transport association, which runs many of the airport shuttle services in the region, mentioned that they had been getting complaints from passengers of theirs who are flying private. 

Road to San Jose del Cabo with a sign also pointing toward La Paz.

The complaint came due to the traffic on the roads that lead to the main Cabo airport and the private facility in Cabo San Lucas.

Even people who are flying privately needed to head to the airport about 4 hours in advance to ensure that they were able to make their scheduled departure times.

Of course, when flying private, there’s a lot more leniency when it comes to departure times.

Marriott Hotel Van

However, the tourist transport association claims that the traffic issues could ultimately lead to Los Cabos losing its status as a high-end tourism destination.

Although the comments are certainly made in an effort to push local authorities to do something about the traffic issues on the road that leads to the Cabo airport, currently, travelers should look into leaving early for their Cabo departures.

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