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Los Cabos Is Expecting 150 Cruise Ships This Winter

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As many as 150 cruise ships are expected to visit Cabo San Lucas during the last quarter of 2022, tourism officials have said, with 30 expected between now and September. 

A representative of the National Tourism Fund (Fonatur), George Méndez, commented that each of the thirty ships arriving in the Cabo San Lucas marina this August will bring an average of 3,000 to 4,000 passengers, with a total of 60,000 expected by September.

He also said that these 60,000 passengers contribute an estimated $9 million to the economy of Los Cabos, with most cruise ships stopping for a day or two, during which time thousands of passengers spill into the area to visit the beaches and restaurants and take part in activities such as boat trips and hiking. 

According to information provided by the Bank of Mexico, an average cruise ship passenger who leaves the ship in Cabo San Lucas will spend at least $100 in the port. For Los Cabos, this represents an important economic benefit which they are keen to continue growing. 

Méndez mentioned that even though it is a low season for cruise ships, particularly as Baja California Sur is in the midst of hurricane season, tourists continue to visit Los Cabos and are contributing heavily to the economy, in particular to tour operators, restaurants and staff working at the port. 

This influx of tourists is only set to increase as the region’s high season kicks off from September onwards, with more than 150 expected bringing approximately 600,000 extra tourists to Los Cabos. 

Cruises to Cabo San Lucas often come from the USA and can last from a few days to a week. Each ship brings on average 4,000 passengers and there are often multiple ships docking on certain days. This can add an extra 10,000 tourists or more to the already busy Los Cabos, which sees hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive by air each month. 

It has also been announced that more than 700 cruise ships in total will visit Los Cabos before the end of 2023, however this number is already increasing with operators such as Princess and Celebrity Cruises releasing new itineraries for 2023 which dock in Cabo San Lucas. 

Tourism has been booming in Los Cabos post-pandemic, with up to 7 million visitors expected this year. The area is working hard to keep up with demand by building new hotels and shops, such as a new Walmart shopping centre.

High season for cruises will also coincide with winter vacations for many Americans, with more than one million people having already booked to visit Los Cabos on a winter break. 

Los Cabos is also now the place to see and be seen for celebrities, with Tom Holland and Shakira recently spotted on holiday, although many famous faces are choosing to make Cabo their destination of choice, which is adding to the allure of the area for tourists. 

The beauty of Cabo San Lucas has not gone unnoticed for people looking to get married, and it the newest popular hotspot for destination weddings, with up to 30 taking place per week currently. 

The sheer numbers of cruise ship passengers expected both this month and towards the end of the year mean that authorities are encouraging people to remain vigilant in regards to Covid-19 and abide by health regulations and advice. 

Cruise ships are continuing to encourage social distancing and mask-wearing where necessary, and continue to sanitize passenger areas on board to protect everyone. However, visitors should be aware that Los Cabos, including the town, restaurants and any tours, are likely to only get busier so these measures should also be taken when leaving the ship.