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Over 1 Million U.S. Tourists Have Already Booked Their Winter Vacations In Cabo 

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Cabo has been rapidly growing in popularity among tourists from all over the world but the allure of the beaches and sunshine seems to draw in American travelers the most, as over 1 million U.S. tourists have already booked their winter vacations in Cabo. The busy summer season has barely just begun and tourism officials are already projecting a busy second half of the year. Tourism records in the first six months of the year were broken compared to 2019 and all indications show that the rest of the year will be more of the same.  

According to figures released by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust, there have already been 1.1 million seats booked on flights from major cities in the United States to Los Cabos airports for the next six months. This represents an increase in the number of flights booked of 42.6 percent more than in 2019. This is an even bigger increase than in June, which saw a 32.9 percent increase compared to the same year.  

While these American tourists come from all over the country, Cabo is more popular among tourists in some cities than others. This generally can be attributed to proximity and winter weather conditions. Among the increase in American tourists, the biggest jump is from a few select cities, which include, in order from highest to lowest: 

  • Seattle 
  • Denver 
  • Chicago 
  • Phoenix 
  • Houston 
  • Los Angeles 

With the popularity of Cabo and the rest of the Los Cabos area growing so quickly one has to wonder what makes this part of Mexico so popular. And the answer is, there isn’t just one thing pushing Los Cabos into the position of 2nd most popular beach destination in Mexico. There are multiple reasons for the area’s growing popularity, especially when it comes to U.S. tourists. 

Proximity To The Mexico And United States Border 

The cities that had the biggest increase in tourists visiting Los Cabos are all located in the western half of the United States. These cities are in pretty close proximity to the Mexican border. While most tourists fly into the country, rather than cross the border, the travel times by plane are generally quite a bit shorter compared to visiting someplace like Cancun.  

Cabo San Lucas City Center

The Available Flights From Major U.S. Cities 

There are flights from more than 20 U.S. cities to Los Cabos airports every day, many of which are direct flights. Los Cabos International Airport has more than 500 incoming and outgoing flights each week. The airport is only 23 miles from Cabo San Lucas and just 8 miles from San Jose del Cabo, making both cities within a short drive from the airport. 

The Mild Climate Throughout The Year 

The year-round mild climate paired with the easy connectivity makes Cabo a popular vacation destination for snowbirds trying to get away from the cold. These travelers commonly spend much of the winter away from home and as many as three to six months in warmer destinations. Cabo has plenty of accommodation options, including hotels and vacation rental properties. 

Cabo has beautiful beaches and an exciting nightlife, along with world-class restaurants and great entertainment, and the weather is warm and sunny more often than not. Add to that the huge availability of five-start all-inclusive resorts with amazing amenities and it is no wonder so many U.S. tourists want to visit the popular Mexican vacation destination. From June to November nearly 50 percent more seats were booked on flights to Los Cabos compared to 2019, proving just how popular Cabo has become.