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700 Cruise Ships Will Visit Los Cabos Before The End Of 2023

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For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the cruise industry is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with majority of major lines back up and running. As a popular travel destination, Cabo San Lucas is part of several cruise-based itineraries, set to receive 700 (and counting) cruise ships before the end of 2023. Since the official restart of cruise ships in late 2021, Los Cabos has 468 cruises registered with an additional 414 set to take place in 2023.

Cruise ship in the ocean

Officials estimate that nearly 1.5 million tourists will pack the cruise ships, bringing more than $170 million to the vacation hotspot. The numbers already pouring in for 2023 could see more than 670 million passengers aboard scheduled cruise ships, bringing in new revenue and, in turn, more opportunities to Los Cabos. Travelers can expect several new resorts, dining options, and activities to choose from, most developing over the next year.

 Passengers walking toward cruise ships

Among the cruise ships that are set to make a stop in Cabo San Lucas are prestigious lines such as Diamond Princess, Norwegian Bliss, Celebrity Solstice, and Enchantment of the Seas. Each has their own list of luxury accommodation and amenities, not to mention room for hundreds of thousands of passengers. Celebrity Solstice is one of the latest cruise lines to announce itineraries to Los Cabos, which offers accommodation that’s 15% larger than the industry average.

 Cruise ship with pool

The Diamond Princess cruise ship will make rounds from La Paz to Cabo San Lucas before making its way back to San Diego. The ship Enchantment of the Seas will depart from Fort Lauderdale, passing through Columbia and the Panama Canal before finally getting to Cabo San Lucas. For those on the hunt for adventure, Viking Sky has added a stop in Cabo San Lucas along its 121-day journey that cruises the Caribbean, Pacific, and the Bay of Bengal. Those aboard can see Singapore, Bali, Barcelona and more before final disembarking in England.

Viking Sky cruise ship

Every single industry was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, but none quite as hard as the cruise industry. For over two years, several cruise ship lines put a halt to itineraries, experiencing restrictions for travelers and disembarkation in certain areas. While Los Cabos announced the beginning of a 5th wave, officials announced they will keep restrictions the same, welcoming the influx of travelers with open arms.

Cruise ship in the ocean near busy beach

The area has handled Covid outbreaks well, seeing cases plummet in March, right before one of the busiest travel seasons. With restrictions lifted on travelers by sea, cruise line passengers should have only smooth sailing when stepping foot in Los Cabos. The one thing to keep in mind is that, in some restaurants and stores, masks are required, which all passengers should respect despite their country’s laws and their personal beliefs.

Waitress wearing mask in restaurant

Availability remains among the many cruise ships that are making their way toward Los Cabos, though it’s not certain how long it will last. Some cruise ships have already hit 80% occupancy for 2023, with spots filling up fast. While there may be additional announcements of itineraries that make their way to Los Cabos, it’s not sure how long they will last due to increasing demand.

Cruise ship docked near beach

Cruise ships that will set sail in 2022 are pretty much planned, though the possibility of additional 2023 itineraries is high. These numbers come as good news to Los Cabos, which haven’t experienced these kinds of numbers since before the pandemic. 2019 brought 215 cruise ships before the world shut down, now doubling as things finally start heading toward pre-pandemic normality.