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New Walmart Shopping Center Being Built In Cabo San Lucas Tourist Zone

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A new major Walmart store has been given the green light to be built in the main Cabo San Lucas tourist zone. The project has come under heavy scrutiny since it was first announced as a possibility at the beginning of the year. Mainly due to the fact that locals, and tourists are worried that the presence of a large store in an already congested area can create even more traffic issues around the mostly small streets that are a staple in the area. 

Parking Near Cabo San Lucas Marina

Local delegate Raymundo Zamora revealed that the company has been granted the rights to build on a large plot of land right in the heart of the Cabo San Lucas main tourist zone. Although thorough plans on the project have yet to be revealed, Raymundo Zamora mentioned that the company that will be in charge of the project has been warned that they cannot use large trucks, and potentially other types of utility vehicles in the building process. This is being done in an effort to ensure that the construction process does not cause major traffic jams in and around the main Cabo San Lucas tourist zone. These conditions could certainly extend the length of the construction process on this new project. 

Where Is This New Walmart Shopping Center Set To Be Built?    

The new shopping center is set to be located on prime real estate near the Cabo San Lucas Marina which is widely regarded as the main tourist zone in the area. The neighborhood is known as seccion Marina. It’s just a couple of blocks from the Cabo San Lucas marina, as well as the popular El Medano beach. 

As previously mentioned one of the main concerns that authorities have is how they can ensure that the complex can be built without causing major traffic jams and other incidents in the area. Many of the streets near the Cabo San Lucas marina are already overrun in certain parts of the year as it is. Local delegate Raymundo Zamora had this to say about the conditions that developers must follow while building the new shopping complex, 

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“We’ve already told the people that larger trucks are not going to be allowed to enter the building site. There are going to be set hours when these vehicles will be allowed to pass through and unload their cargo on the construction site. (These hours are also set to remain place when the stores start arriving in the new shopping complex, to allow stores to restock their shelves) The idea is to take care of the mobility issue.” 

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Why The Construction On The New Store Has Taken So Long To Get Started

It was back in February when Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs first met with high ranking officials from the Walmart group in Mexico to discuss the potential building of a store near the Cabo San Lucas marina. The company has yet to be able to break ground on the construction due to the fact that local authorities have presumably asked them to revise the plans for the project on more than one occasion.

cabo marina

As things stand though it seems that investors have finally received the green light to go ahead with the project from all of the different government offices that they needed permits from. Delegate Raymundo Zamora emphasized the importance of the regulations that were set for the building of the new store. Saying, 

construction site

“We welcome investments, and new jobs. Yet, we want everything to be done in an orderly fashion. That’s why we will be very vigilant to ensure that all of the legal requirements that have been set will be met.”