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Uber Blockades Lifted After New Agreement Was Reached With Authorities

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The Uber driver conflict with local authorities continues. With a new chapter being written this Wednesday. In a meeting held earlier this week, local Uber drivers came out thinking that they were no longer going to be hit with fines by local police. Also, one of the agreements was that Uber drivers wouldn’t be “harassed” by local authorities.

An agreement was reached Tuesday in which local authorities would not be going after Uber drivers at least until Monday, March 14th. Apparently not all of the officers got the memo. This led local Uber drivers to initiate a blockade protest in Los Cabos streets.   

Local Police Is Said To Harras Uber Drivers

The Uber Issue In Los Cabos

Uber in the Los Cabos area has had a hard time establishing itself. Mainly due to the fact that local authorities have sided with the Taxi driver’s union in the region. In simple terms local police have been known to continuously stop Uber drivers who are providing a ride-share service. On the grounds that providing those types of services without a valid Taxi license is forbidden in the region. This is why many Uber drivers in the area report that they feel they are being harassed by police. 

Taxi Drivers Union

A Truce Had Been Reached Until March 14th

As was mentioned before talks between the Uber drivers, and the local authorities seemed to be in a good place on Tuesday. A verbal pact was made that local authorities would not be going after Uber drivers, at least until next Monday. Apparently the pact was not respected by some local officers who continued their common practices of pulling over Uber drivers to ticket them, and sometimes even towing away their vehicles. This prompted the Uber drivers to stage a blockade on main city streets that lasted until Wednesday afternoon. Drivers parked their cars on a crossing in the “carretera transpeninsular”.

Uber Drivers Block Los Cabos Streets

 Authorities arrived on the scene at the blockade and heated arguments ensued. When all was set and done local authorities essentially issued an apology to Uber drivers. While saying that all of the fines that had been imposed to drivers who had been ticketed would be condoned. What local police claim is literally that some members of the force did not get the memo. 

uber event

At this point in time though, it seems that police at both the local and state levels are on the same page. Uber drivers cannot be detained for trying to pick up passengers in the Los Cabos area… At least until Monday. A spokesman for the police mentioned, 

uber drivers

“All of the agreements that were reached at yesterday’s meeting will be fulfilled. Apparently there was a bit of a misunderstanding. Maybe, someone with a bit of ill will gave other directions to their officers. We are investigating who that person might be.” 

uber will continue to operate in Cabo

What The Future Holds For Uber In Los Cabos 

On top of the apology the spokesman for local authorities mentioned that any officer who harasses Uber drivers will be suspended. He mentioned that in fact they want to keep the truce going past the Monday deadline until Wednesday. This essentially gives both parties a breather until long term agreements can be made. On the part of the Uber drivers it’s understood that they won’t hesitate to orchestrate more blockades on city streets. Particularly if they feel that they are being harassed by police. 

Uber Eats Protest

A meeting is scheduled for next Monday. That’s why the truce was set to expire on that date. As mentioned local authorities seem keen to hold up their end of the bargain at least until Wednesday. The future of Uber in Los Cabos though is heavily riding on these next couple meetings.