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The City Of Los Cabos Continues To Work With Uber Drivers To Find Resolution

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On Thursday morning, the ongoing feud between Uber drivers and the city of Los Cabos continued. At 8:00 am on Thursday, Uber drivers went to the Municipal Palace in San Jose del Cabo and gathered on the esplanade.

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What are the complaints of the Uber drivers?

The drivers gathered to demand that city authorities respect their rights and stop harassing them. They believe that the harassment has increased since their most recent demonstration several weeks ago.

The drivers also believe authorities are colluding with taxi drivers to remove passengers or stop them from using Ubers altogether. This demonstration involved public security elements in maintaining order at the Municipal Palace.

This feud has been ongoing since 2018, when Uber and its drivers first started in the San Jose del Cab area. Uber started a year earlier in La Paz, where disputes started, levied fines against drivers, and many demonstrations took place.

There was a brief meeting between representatives of the protest groups. Drivers from San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas met with Mayor Oscar Leggs Castro. The president of the Transportation Commission in Congress, Juan Perez Cayetano, also spoke asking for an “even floor and respect.”

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Where does the issue stand now?

On March 3rd, one goal was to establish a dialogue between the city and drivers. They also wanted to listen to proposals from both parties. Both agreed to work to develop recommendations on the issue of Uber being operational in the area.

There is an agreement between the government of Los Cabos and the Uber drivers for a meeting Tuesday in Cabo San Lucas. This meeting will be in front of representatives of the state government and the congress of Baja California Sur to analyze all points and finally reach a solution.

The municipal government emphasized this is not an issue for them, but they’re seeking dialogue and a solution within the framework of the law.

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How is this affecting local citizens and tourists?

The last few years’ issues have been primarily between taxi drivers of Los Cabos and Uber drivers. Some of the sticking points that have arisen are Uber drivers taking away fares from taxi drivers and not having correct permits to operate commercial vehicles.

Uber drivers have maintained that they have not been allowed to gain correct permits.

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They believe city officials have been on the side of the taxi drivers the entire time, making it impossible for rideshare drivers to gain legal permits.

A resolution to this years-long dispute that would allow Uber drivers to share the streets of Los Cabos can only benefit citizens and tourists alike. After all, the more options that locals or tourists have, the better market for competition, which should keep the prices of both taxis and Ubers competitive.

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Can I use Uber until this is resolved?

As discussed in a previous article, Uber is currently operational in Los Cabos. In fact, Uber has been patrolling the streets of Los Cabos for four years. It is not against the law to use Uber in Los Cabos; there are just some things to know. 

There are properties, such as certain hotels/resorts, that do not allow Uber on their premises. So if you order an Uber from one of these establishments, you need to go out to the city street to meet your ride. 

Uber can drop you off at the airport. However, they cannot pick you up on airport grounds, and you will need to meet your Uber ride off the airport premises.

Next week will hopefully be critical to finally seeing a resolution to this prolonged dispute.

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