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College Spring Breaker From U.S. Dies In Los Cabos

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Just as the beginning of spring break season has started in Los Cabos, tragedy has quickly followed. Officials stated that a 19-year-old male from Arizona in the United States has died.

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What officials are saying

According to officials, the 19-year-old arrived on Sunday, March 6th, with a group of spring breakers. Officials stated that in the early morning of Monday, March 7th, the student was found dead in a storm drain channel.

The body of the young American tourist was located on the old road to San Jose, in the El Medano neighborhood, said the state attorney general’s office. Law enforcement was at the scene early Monday morning and secured the area.

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They transferred the body to the Forensic Medical Service, where they performed an autopsy. The determining cause of death was “asphyxiation by bronchoaspiration” and officially ruled the death as an accident. Generally, overconsumption of alcohol is the contributing factor in this type of death.

The Public Prosecutors Office for the Specialized Unit for the Investigation of Various crimes opened the investigation to achieve all the facts.

Any information you need to know?

The authorities have ruled this death an accident. Unfortunately, this can be an all too common occurrence around locales hosting spring break every year. Officials have not indicated there is any information the general public needs to know regarding this untimely death.

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Is this a common occurrence for Los Cabos?

While as recently as 2017,  Los Cabos was considered a dangerous place to visit for tourists. It has worked hard to improve its safety over the past few years.

The Cabo San Lucas area is regarded as a safe location for tourists to visit. It is one of the most popular destinations for U.S. and Canadian tourists every year, with no outliers of violence compared to others.

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This accidental death underscores the importance of knowing your limits regarding alcohol consumption. Health officials have tried to implore young spring breakers to exercise responsibility when consuming alcohol. College students looking out for others in their respective groups can significantly deter accidents like this from happening.

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Tips on how to stay safe while in Los Cabos

While ruled an accident, whenever travelers see that a tourist from their country died abroad, it raises questions about safety. So what can you do to ensure your security when traveling internationally?

Traveling in a group is always safer than traveling alone. While solo traveling has many benefits, there will always be strength in numbers.

Being aware of your appearance. Dressing flashy can be a red flag to local criminals that you have money readily available. This rule specifically applies to areas of the world with not a lot of money. Leaving expensive jewelry, watches, and other accessories at home can help you blend in and be less of a target.

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Keep necessities attached to you if possible. Cameras, phones, and wallets/purses can be a crime of opportunity if criminals can snatch them quickly and run. Keeping these items fastened to your body when out in public can help with this problem.

Respecting the people who live in the area is important. Being courteous and respecting the locals in the area is not only the respectful thing to do; it can also keep you safe. No matter what corner of the world you visit, generally, you will receive respect and courteous behavior back if you are respectful to the people who call that location home.