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Shakira and Her Kids Spotted In Cabo San Lucas

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Shakira, and her sons Sasha, and Milan were spotted at the private Cabo San Lucas airport where they were also accompanied by the singer’s brother. Little is currently known about their stay in the Cabo region. Many people speculate though that the Colombian singer wanted to make sure that the kids got a bit of calm days before the storm in a private Cabo resort. 

Singer Shakira Enjoyed Los Cabos beaches

The family life of the Pique-Mebarak clan has certainly taken a turn for the worst in the last couple of months as rumors of infidelity on the part of Barcelona defender Gerard Pique started filling the tabloids. Custody of the two children seems to be the main topic on the agenda as the separation rolls on.

Shakira and Gerard Pique

A Cabo vacation actually made perfect sense for Shakira and her boys as their father is currently on tour with his team throughout multiple cities in the United States. Rumor has it that Shakira is planning to leave Europe, and relocate stateside. This would make Cabo vacations potentially more common for Shakira and her boys. 

What Is Known About Shakira’s Time In Cabo?  

As is usually the case with celebrity sightings in Los Cabos the public only gets to know what these celebs did or didn’t do on their Cabo trip through social media. Most stars that come to the region love to share their Cabo adventures through their instagram page for example. That wasn’t the case for Shakira who has mostly avoided the spotlight, and above all, the paparazzi, since rumors of her split started to reach the tabloids. Shakira and the kids were spotted enjoying Cabo beaches with the Colombian singer in a purple bikini.  

Pictures of the Colombian singer, her sons, and her brother were also taken by paparazzi that were on hand at the Cabo San Lucas airport. This is the smaller, private facility in the region where mostly private jets land. Not to be confused with the larger facility in San Jose del Cabo where all of the commercial flights to the region arrive. The group of 4 was spotted on the tarmac waiting for a car that presumably took them to the private villa or resort that they stayed at during their cabo trip. The Mebarak family was presumably in attendance at the game in Las Vegas when Gerard Pique’s Barcelona took on rival Real Madrid. After the game the group boarded the plane that took them to the Cabo region.           

The Couple Is Presumably Looking To Settle The Custody Battle Amicably 

Reports indicate that both Shakira, and Gerard Pique are looking to settle the terms of the custody of their children amicably. That is presumably what brought Shakira to the Mexican Pacific days before a potential meeting with the Spanish defender in San Diego. That meeting may have already taken place seeing as how Pique has had to fly to Texas with his team after playing a game in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Gerard Pique and His Kids At A Barcelona Game

However, other sources are claiming that the pair is set to meet in San Diego until the first days of August. This could mean that Shakira and the boys may make Cabo their base of operations for at least a couple of weeks.  

Luxury Villas Los Cabos

Ongoing rumors indicate that the Colombian singer is interested in moving to Miami on a permanent basis. The Florida region had been her home for quite a few years before she moved out to Barcelona on a permanent basis after formalizing her relationship with Pique. Since the couple never officially tied the knot they may also want to be able to work out some of the details of their split behind closed doors without necessarily having to deal with lawyers, and judges.