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Group Of Eight Tourists Rescued From Stranded Yacht In La Paz 

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A group of eight tourists had quite the scare recently when they had to be rescued from a stranded yacht in La Paz.  The group consisted of five men and three women, one of which was pregnant and appeared to be in distress.  According to reports, the yacht named the “Mi Vida,” which translates to “My Life,” collided with rocks in El Mero Bay, which led them to contact the Regional Port Authority of La Paz to request assistance. 

La Paz is a destination known for boating and water activities, with multiple marinas and plenty of great restaurants surrounding them.  There are also plenty of options for renting or chartering a boat for sightseeing, fishing, and leisure activities.  It is unclear whether the “Mi Vida” was a rented boat or owned by the individuals that were rescued from it. 

Many tourists visiting the area, some even coming from as far as Los Cabos which is about 2 ½ hours south of the city, visit La Paz specifically for the boating and water activity opportunities, as well as the more laid-back atmosphere. The area boasts mild temperatures throughout the year, rarely going below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, with average summer temperatures around 86 degrees. There is also one of Mexico’s arguably most beautiful beaches here, Balandra Beach, only about 30 minutes outside of the city. 

Balandra Beach is loved by tourists and locals alike because it gives the sense of being on a deserted beach even though it is close to the city. It is surrounded by sand dunes and has beautiful crystal-clear turquoise-colored, calm waters ideal for swimming, kayaking, and paddleboarding. A lot of marine life, including all different types of brightly colored fish, can be found in the mangroves that border the water. 

The safest way to enjoy the waters of the Sea of Cortez in La Paz is by booking a charter, as the captains of these boats know the waters and the area well. Their experience in boating and their knowledge of the area will enhance your overall experience. A few of the highest-rated charter and rental businesses in the area include: 

  • Captain Edgardo 
  • Fernando’s Tour 
  • Nuffo Fishing 
  • Baja Adventure Co. 
  • Baja Paceños Tours  
La Paz Beach & Hotels

It is not uncommon to see yachts like the “Mi Vida” in the waters surrounding La Paz, many just floating in the Sea of Cortez while the passengers enjoy the amazing views from the boat. Unfortunately, this particular boat ended up outside the area of calm water and in a nearby rocky area which resulted in the boat and the passengers needing to be rescued. The Navy was brought in to implement the Search and Rescue plan and get the passengers to safety. 

Hot Day At Beach Near La Paz

All of the passengers, including the pregnant woman, were checked out at the Naval Search, Rescue, and Maritime Surveillance Station and found to be in good health. All eight of them were released to care for themselves, with no injuries from the incident. The boat was also found to be in good condition when Naval officers arrived at the scene. 

Different cities in Baja California Sur, like Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, are becoming very popular among tourists, particularly those from the U.S., and that popularity is beginning to extend further out to cities like La Paz. While Cabo San Lucas is more for tourists looking for a vacation destination full of luxury hotels, fancy restaurants, and a pretty active nightlife, La Paz is more for those looking for outdoor adventures and a quieter, more peaceful vacation. Following precautions while enjoying the area’s activities will keep it peaceful and will result in lifelong great memories.