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Russian Oligarch Continues To Navigate Mega Yacht In Los Cabos Area

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Oleg Tinkov, known as the Russian beer czar is apparently on board his 252ft yacht known as La Datcha. The mega yacht had been spotted near Los Cabos beaches earlier this week. It has since been assumed that Oleg Tinkov is on board the yacht and looking to escape the war waged by his home country in Mexican beaches. 

Mega Yacth

According to the most recent reports the vessel has moved up the coastline to the Bahia de Tortugas area. Another famous port in the Baja California region. Whether Tinkov or his family remain on board is a mystery at this point. Other wealthy Russian businessmen have had a hard time leaving their home soil. It would seem Tinkov sailed away just in time. 

Beach on Baja Coast

The War Has Not Been Profitable For Tinkov   

As the outbreak of war continues to devastate Ukrainian families, certain Russian businesses have actually benefited from the conflict. Particularly those companies in the energy sector. With oil prices spiking up to levels that had not been seen since 2014. The owner of the La Datcha is not heavily involved in those types of businesses. He is also well known for being the owner of Digital Bank Tinkoff. 

Russian Protests

The bank has actually made Tinkoff lose his billionaire status in a matter of days! According to Forbes magazine share prices for Tinkoff’s bank have fallen by 90% since the start of the war with Ukraine. Since Tinkoff’s assets were heavily tied up in the bank business the magazine estimates that his net worth that floated around 5 billion dollars just a few weeks ago has now fallen to around 800 million dollars.

seeking refuge in the Cabo area

If that were to be true, that would mean that the boat that he is currently on represents about 13% of his total net worth! La Datcha is a boat that was built back in 2019. Currently, it’s valued at right around 110 million dollars. If things continue on a downward trend for Tinkoff with his bank this trip aboard La Datcha to the Cabo area may very well be one of his last ones on the boat at all. It’s probably safe to say that Tinkoff is one of the many Russians who isn’t a supporter of the war in Ukraine.     

Cabo Marina

One of The Biggest Developers In The Cabo Area   

Tinkoff has been one of the many international businessmen who have fallen in love with the Cabo region. He created the La Datcha Villa. The luxury property is located on the Pedregal beach in Cabo San Lucas. It can be rented out for a cool price of around 35 thousand dollars a night plus a 19% tax fee! The villa can house up to 20 people for that price tag. That’s a way to offset some costs.

Los Cabos Villa

 It’s presumed that Tinkoff and some close family members and companions made land in Los Cabos, and are currently staying at the Villa. Although, there has been no confirmation that this is the case. The Villa doesn’t seem to be currently up for rent though. Which certainly indicates that it’s occupied. At this point in time Mexican authorities have not mentioned anything about the presence of the Russian millionaire in the Cabo region. Tinkoff has expressed his love for the Cabo area on numerous occasions. Apparently he hopes to be able to wait out the war here in Cabo San Lucas. Tinkoff mentioned, about his Villa, 

Authorities Set To Tighten Up Security During Spring Break In Cabo

“It took me several years to bring the project in Cabo San Lucas to life. I was very lucky to buy this piece of coastal land, managing to build a house that embodies my vision of life and design.”