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Los Cabos And La Paz Airports Are Setting Record Passenger Numbers

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Officials stated that the incoming flow of passengers has increased over the last several months to record breaking pre-pandemic levels. The two airports that have seen a noticeable increase are Los Cabos and La Paz international airports.

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What are the numbers saying?

Comparing the pre-pandemic year of 2019, officials see an increase at Los Cabos and La Paz international airports. According to the Pacific Airport Group (GAP) statistics, February reported an increase to the exact dates prior to the pandemic in 2019.

Los Cabos airport saw an increase of 13.7% in passenger traffic. While being a smaller airport than Los Cabos, La Paz International Airport saw 16.5% more tourist flow than in 2019.

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Both of these are positive signs for traffic outlook in respective airports the rest of the year.

It wasn’t just the international passenger traffic that was up at Los Cabos and La Paz airport last month. The domestic passenger numbers saw a substantial increase at both locations. Los Cabos saw an impressive rise of 31%, while La Paz was up almost 15% for domestic flyers compared to pre-pandemic.

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Why is there an increase in travelers?

There are several reasons for Los Cabos and La Paz seeing such an increase in traffic. The loosening of Covid 19 restrictions in their two most popular international markets, the United States and Canada. 

A surge in demand for post-pandemic travel has seen estimated figures skyrocket for the 2022 traveling year. Notably, the most hard-hit area of travel, being international travel, is seeing a significant increase for the current year.

The return of spring break travel for university students in the United States is another reason for increased tourism. With numbers down the previous couple of years because of Covid, warm-weather tourist destinations were affected more than most. However, for March 2022, Los Cabos alone is expecting around 35,000 students between the first week of March and April.

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What does this mean for Los Cabos travelers?

Depending on when you’re planning a trip to Los Cabos, your travel could be affected by the larger airport crowds. The busiest times of year for tourism in the Los Cabos area is November through April. 

March can be exceptionally busy because of spring break travelers from the U.S. Expect longer lines for check-in and security checkpoints. Cabo San Lucas has the busiest airport in Mexico, so it will be active in March.

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How can you be prepared?

Traveling to one of the busiest tourist destinations in Mexico can be a little stressful. If you add in a rise in tourism this year, organization can help you get through Los Cabos airports. So how can you help the situation?

Being prepared and planning are the two most significant factors to making your trip to the airport less stressful. Buying your airfare online may seem obvious, but it can save a great deal of time spent in the airport. 

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Knowing which airport to book your flight is important in Los Cabos. Baja California Sur has dozens of airports, but the only two close to Los Cabos are Los Cabos International Airport and Cabo San Lucas Airport. Picking the correct airport will be essential to reduce your travel time between the airport and your destination.

Organize transportation from the airport ahead of time. You don’t want to be dozens of passengers trying to find a taxi, shuttle, or locating an Uber away from the airport. Both Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas airport are organized and fairly easy to work your way through. Helping you spend less time in the airport and more time in the Los Cabos area is everybody’s goal.

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