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Arrival Of 40 Cruise Ships Will Add To Crowds In Los Cabos This Month

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Los Cabos is already at the height of tourism season, which usually runs from November through April. This month is expected to be the busiest in the history of the area and when you add in the arrival of 40 cruise ships, Los Cabos locals and tourists can expect enormous crowds all month long.

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March will see an influx of cruise ships in Los Cabos

Los Cabos expects to see an arrival of 40 cruise ships to their port in March. These estimates could add up to approximately 50,000 passengers entering the port in one month.

For comparison, Los Cabos saw around 30 cruise ships arrive in the area in August and September. The month of January was busy for cruise ships, and that number only totaled 38 cruise ships. February is when the number dipped to 23 ships, typical for the month.

All cruise ships will allow their passengers to visit the port.

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What should you expect?

If you are going to be in the Los Cabos area for the month of March, be prepared to battle lines all month long. When the cruise ships allow passengers to visit the port, they visit shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Beaches may see overcrowding for periods as well.

While longer lines and wait times may be an inconvenience for tourists and locals alike, there are major benefits.

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Local Los Cabos businesses welcome these visits. According to the operations manager of the Integral Port Administration, George Mendez Anderson, the estimated impact of visiting cruise ship passengers could be around 5 million dollars.

However, while great for the local economy, this can bottleneck more tourist-laden parts of the area. Longer waits, excess traffic, and delays can undoubtedly cause a negative view of any tourist location.

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Are the added cruise ships the main concern for overcrowding?

While the added influx of 50,000 tourists from the cruise ships won’t help the long lines, it isn’t the main factor. An earlier estimate by Los Cabos area hotels expects that over 350 thousand tourists will visit in the month of March.

Relaxed guidelines from the Covid 19 pandemic and North American tourists trying to escape the cold are significant reasons for the large estimates.

Spring break is another reason you may see the streets of Los Cabos more crowded in March. Over 35,000 spring break students will travel to the area. Spring break estimates usually start the first week of March and end the first week of April.

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What does this mean for locals and tourists?

If you are in Los Cabos for March, it may help to make plans ahead of time. Are you going to one of the more popular restaurants in town? Make a reservation or call ahead to see if they’re busy.

Are you planning on golfing one of the beautiful courses in the area? Make tee times well in advance. Running errands as early as possible might help beat the traffic or congested sidewalks.

Expect the beaches to be busy for most of March. If you’re a tourist, try looking for activities that take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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Month of March an economic boom for Los Cabos

Expect months like these when living or visiting a tourist hotspot like Los Cabos. The income generated in the busiest months keeps the local shops, restaurants, hotels, and attractions vibrant.

Simply put, these busy months make Los Cabos the tourist attraction it has become in the last couple of decades. This time of year, the economic impact on the local economy reaches every part of Los Cabos.

If you plan ahead and make alternative arrangements if necessary, this busy month of March shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

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