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Non-Stop Flight Deals To Los Cabos For Under $250

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Those looking to make an escape to the beach are in luck – with fare sales including one of Mexico’s hottest travel destinations, Los Cabos. Not only are ticket prices under $250, but several flights are non-stop, including those from U.S. cities Denver, Los Angeles, Houston, and New York. If you travel light, you could even get away for less than $250, skipping the suitcase and opting for a small carry on that you won’t even have to stow away.

Non-Stop Flight Deals To Los Cabos For Under $250

Travelers looking to book airfare soon are likely to find deals as low as $219, though that only includes a ticket to fly. Airlines United and JetBlue do not include regular-sized carry-ons or luggage into that price, tacking on fees up to $60 for a round trip. Prices can go up depending on the chosen airline’s policies and prices. It’s suggested to pack light for a weekend escape to get the best out of these new non-stop flight deals to Los Cabos.

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Flight deals are available through airlines: American, Delta, JetBlue, and United. Most notable routes are from Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York, with varying availability with a few other U.S. cities. To search for flight deals and get the best prices, travelers are encouraged to search Google Flights, using the lowest price deals to then book directly with the accommodation airline.

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Those planning travel can also visit their preferred airline’s official website, doing a general search for dates throughout the fall and winter months. The best deals may be for particular dates, though airfare for other dates close to the more economical priced deals are also lower than busy season. Due to a decrease in the number of overall travelers and the expansion of new flights to and from Los Cabos, there’s more flight availability – keeping costs low and healthy airfare competition alive and well.  

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Majority of notable discounts are available between the months of August and November, when influx of travelers typically slows down. Unlike trends of year’s past, travel to Los Cabos is still booming, with several popular resorts at 80% occupancy. That means that travelers looking to take advantage of the unbeatable flight deals are encouraged to check out accommodation too, as time shares, hotels, resorts, and more are filling up quick.

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Some flight deals are also available for dates within Los Cabos’ high season, which typically runs from December to May. Some non-stop flight deals are available between January and May, leaving plenty of time for planning for those looking to plan their beach getaway early. Even for those who like to plan ahead, 2023 is quickly filling up, with more than 700 cruise ships on their way before the end of the year.

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Los Cabos is continually becoming more popular, known for its beautiful beaches, luxury accommodations, and hotspot for celeb getaways. Located at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, visitors can partake in a number of in-water activities including swimming in some spots. Whale watching, sport fishing, and snorkeling are all available in different parts of Los Cabos, providing travelers with plenty to do besides relax on the beach.

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Due to the continued rise in popularity, travelers can expect a slew of new openings coming to Los Cabos in the very near future. Star chefs, newly renovated golf courses, luxurious resort designs, and long-awaited shopping centers have recently hit Los Cabos, with talks of new openings set to follow. All of these advancements come despite recent releases of travel advisories from the US State Department, which classified Los Cabos at a Level 2 – meaning “exercise increased caution.”