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Majority Of Tourists Are Trying Los Cabos For The First Time

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Los Cabos seems to be on the brink of generating a new generation of loyal travelers that revisit the region time and time again. We’ve covered this phenomenon with stars like Justin Timberlake, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Jessica Simpson. They got their first Cabo experience through the party scene. Since then they have returned to the region on different types of trips, mostly more family oriented as they’ve gotten older. 

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on Date

These scenarios are common; most of the people who visit Los Cabos come back time and time again. This is confirmed by the stats recently presented by Fiturca(Fideicomiso de turismo de Los Cabos). The fund’s director, Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares, mentioned that 60% of the travelers that used to visit Los Cabos had done so before, like the stars we previously referenced. Nowadays it’s the other way around. About 60% of the travelers that are arriving at the Los Cabos international airport are doing so for their first time.  

The Los Cabos International Airport, Mexico.

People Are Taking Reasonably Long Vacations In Cabo

These new people that are currently arriving in the Cabo region are also more than happy to spend quite a bit of time here. On average the travelers that were polled by Fiturca spent 6.7 days vacationing in the region. Verifying that Los Cabos is being seen as not just a weekend get away as it may have been perceived in other times. 

People On Cabo Vacation

Back in 2016 the average number of nights that people spent in Los Cabos was only 5.4. Reflecting the fact that in those days it was considered more of a weekend getaway. The more nights that people spend at Cabo hotels though the better for the local economy. Speaking of the local economy, the tourism sector just had itself a record breaking month of April. 

Los Cabos Hotels

Again according to numbers published by the local tourism fund around 207,000 international tourists arrived in the region within the month of April. They were joined by 107,000 tourists from the national market. Most of which were visiting Los Cabos for the first time. There’s a good chance though that they’ll make their way back to the region at some point. 

Tourists in Los Cabos

Tourists Reported A 93% Satisfaction Rate With Their Stay

The numbers just seem to keep getting better and better for Fictura, who say that out of the folks that they polled 93% of them reported they had a pleasant Cabo vacation. The director of the fund mentioned that giving guests a pleasant experience while they were in the beach city was the best way to be able to promote the Cabo region as a good tourist destination. “The fact that 60% of the tourists are new to the region and the vast majority of them are leaving happy with their stay is a major positive,” said Rodrigo Esponda Cascajares.

Toursits in Buffet

Los Cabos Will Continue To Try To Lure In International Tourists      

International tourists are bringing in much more revenue to the region than national tourists. That’s not just based on the fact that there are actually more foreign nationals visiting the region than there are Mexicans. Foreign nationals are spending on average around 480 dollars a day on their Cabo vacation (including lodging, that drives up the costs considerably). Mexicans on the other hand are only spending about 350 dollars a day while in Los Cabos. 

The difference in these numbers is not only the spending power that many of the foreigners that come to the region have. For the most part, international tourists are going to be more open to purchasing all sorts of souvenirs. While, the Mexican tourists could purchase certain things back home even at lower rates than what is being offered in Los Cabos.