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Los Cabos Restaurant Named As Most Picture Perfect In The World

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It has been announced in the annual TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards that Sunset Mona Lisa restaurant, located in Cabo San Lucas, is the most ‘picture perfect’ dining spot in the world. 

The TripAdvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards features a number of categories, including destinations, hotels, attractions, and dining, based on positive reviews from thousands of people across the world. 

All of the reviews which decided this year’s winners were from 2022, meaning the results are up to date and feature some of the best new restaurants across the globe. 

cabo restaurant

As a wider category, the awards feature a basic list of the best restaurants in the entire world, the winner of which was Michelin-starred The Old Stamp House in the United Kingdom, a restaurant that also won last year’s award. 

Among the other best restaurants were fine dining establishments in Brazil, Italy, Spain, and France. The list included Oro Restaurante (Brazil), El Xato (Spain), and Sachi Heliopolis (Egypt), among others. 

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Within the best restaurants award, TripAdvisor also created subcategories such as ‘Hidden Gems’, ‘Date Night’, and ‘Picture Perfect’ to inspire and inform people about places to try. 

Within the ‘Picture Perfect’ category, the popular Cabo San Lucas eatery took the top spot and was joined on the list by other Mexican restaurants, including Porfirio’s in Cancun and Kokoro in Tulum. 

Among the awards, TripAdvisor also divides best restaurants into regions. In the “Best Restaurants in Mexico’ category, Los Cabos took two more of the spots, with Café des Artistes and Don Manuel’s both featured on the list. 


The Traveller’s Choice awards only serve to cement Los Cabos’ place on the map as a destination filled with luxury brands and fine dining. The region was recently named as having the most luxury brands in Latin America, including hotels, experiences, and attractions. 

Los Cabos is quickly becoming a top foodie destination, particularly in regard to Michelin dining. At the beginning of October, Cabo San Lucas is set to host the Robb Reports ‘Culinary Masters’ experience, attended by Michelin-starred chefs from across the globe. 

The region is already awash with some of the biggest names in fine dining, including Nobu and its eponymous, inaugural hotel. Other exclusive restaurants include Edith’s, Seared at Palmilla, and Don Sanchez. 

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Following the tourist boom in Los Cabos this year, the area has been consistently winning awards for various aspects of its tourism industry. Los Cabos has been voted as having everything from the best swimming pools in the world to the best beaches and hospitality. 

These accolades have only encouraged visitor numbers, which are expected to exceed 7 million before the end of 2022. 

Currently, Los Cabos is in the midst of the low season, affected by poor weather due to storms and hurricanes. However, October is set to bring not only the high season but also many more cruise ships to the area. 

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Currently, hotels for October are at 63% capacity, which will quickly top last year’s numbers, and with one million Americans having booked winter vacations in Los Cabos, the high season is set to be record breaking. 

Los Cabos has consistently kept up with rising numbers by improving its image as a luxury destination, building new hotels, and offering new tours and attractions. 

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Although numbers have dipped slightly due to adverse weather, which has led to the unfortunate drowning of three people in Los Cabos. However, authorities have been vigilant in placing flags and warnings on beaches in rough weather and advising tourists against going in the water during storm season. 

Despite this, Los Cabos has still been voted as one of the safest places in Mexico due to the government’s consistent deployment of law enforcement to protect tourists in the area.