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Grand Velas Los Cabos Launches New Dining Experience

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The Grand Velas resort in Los Cabos is getting ready to launch a unique dining experience for guests that is set to include stargazing on a 55-foot yacht as part of the attraction. The experience is going to be adequately titled “Dinner Under The Stars”. Watching the stars at a Cabo beach is a memorable experience in itself, at least according to NASA. The Baja Peninsula is considered by the space agency a top twenty spot in the entire world for astronomy research. 

Beachside Dining

Riding on a yacht and looking at the stars may already constitute a memorable experience for many people. Of course, fine dining is also part of what the Grand Velas resort seeks to offer. As guests stare out into the stars, Chef Sidney Schutte, who received two Michelin stars, and currently heads Grand Velas’ flagship restaurant “Cocina de Autor” will be cooking for them in an open flame setting as part of the “tour”. 

Outdoor Beach Dinning

What Type of Food Can Guests Expect To Taste At The Experience?       

Luxury Travel Advisor, who got the exclusive scoop from Grand Velas as they plan to launch the new experience, mentioned this about the type of food that is meant to be served at the experience, 

“The chef transforms traditional dishes with a contemporary vision. Signature cocktails and premium wines complement the meal inspired by nature.”

Fancy food being served

This potentially means that there’s not necessarily a set nightly menu that’s going to be served at the experience on a regular basis. However, it must be noted that Chef Sidney Schutte has experience working in restaurants all across the globe. Chef Schutte earned his Michelin stars while working at the famous Zusje restaurant in Amsterdam. 

Chef tasting food

At “Cocina de Autor” the chef prepares dishes that include freshly caught lobster, scallops, tuna, and even Wagyu beef. Guests at this new experience can expect a similar menu. By the way, there’s a rather strict dress code that guests at Cocina de Autor have to follow. There’s been no indication that this new dining experience will also feature similar requirements.        

Colorful seafood

How The Experience Is Going To Be Planned Out

“Dinner Under The Stars” is going to begin for guests with a 3-hour cruise aboard the Azimut (the 55-foot yacht that we referenced earlier). The idea is to have guests board the boat at sundown to be able to experience the late afternoon views that the sea of Cortez has to offer. As the night falls, they’ll then be able to gaze at the stars. 

Yacht Sailing Into The Sunset (1)

Once the cruise is done, guests will be returned to the Grand Velas resort for the actual dining experience. This will take place in what is being described as an “open-air beach location”. Presumably, it will be a private area not within one of the Grand Velas’ main restaurant options.

Traditional restaurant setting

Costs & Requirements To Book    

There’s no question that “Dinner Under the Stars” at the Grand Velas Los Cabos is meant to be a high-end experience, and its price reflects that. Travelers who want to enjoy the experience will be charged $30,550. They can bring along up to 10 people for the same price tag. The experience is also exclusive to guests at the Grand Velas resort in Los Cabos. Nightly rates through the month of October at the resort are going for around $1,200 a night for a suite in the highly luxurious Cabo resort. The big advantage of the Grand Velas is that although it does charge quite a hefty nightly fee, the resort brands itself as a luxury all-inclusive experience. This means that guests at the resort are going to be able to enjoy drinks and meals throughout their stay just by paying the base price for an ocean suite.