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Hotels In Los Cabos Predict 350 Thousand Tourists For March: Largest Estimate In History

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If you have plans to travel to the Los Cabos area for a vacation in March, you’re not alone. Hotels in the area predict 350 thousand tourists to visit Los Cabos next month, the highest figure ever estimated.

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What is behind these large estimates of tourists?

There are several reasons behind this predicted surge of tourists. Perhaps the main reason is the easing of Covid 19 restrictions. Canada, one of the top countries for visiting tourists to the area, is lifting travel restrictions on February 28th. Canada is ending their ban on non-essential travel. They also are lifting restrictions on PCR tests to reenter the country.

The waning Covid 19 numbers across the globe, particularly in the United States, have helped boost these figures. Americans are also showing a strong desire to travel again. When these factors are combined, you can see why March should be a busy month in the Los Cabos area.

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How will this affect your travel plans?

While the tourism industry of Los Cabos welcomes this type of news, it may present challenges for tourists themselves. The two areas that will affect tourists the most are time and money.

If you have already booked your flight down to Los Cabos, you may not be affected as much. However, if you’re still looking to book a last-minute getaway in March, be prepared to spend more.

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Not only will last-minute flights be more expensive, but the cost of hotels has also risen. “The average price for a hotel in March has increased from 390 to 460 dollars per night”, according to the Director of the Tourism Trust of Los Cabos (FITURCA) Rodrigo Esponda. The 460 dollars per night will be the highest rate in the country.

Time will also be a factor. Be prepared ahead of time for long lines and wait times at airports and resorts alike. While you can get transportation in the area, you may be waiting longer for your taxi or Uber. Although, the wait times for public transit should be minimal.

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Will spring break be a factor?

Spring break will be a factor whenever you travel to popular Mexican destinations around March. Part of these estimates do factor in spring break travelers. 30 to 35 thousand spring break students will arrive in Los Cabos this year, according to estimates. Most of the students who come to the Los Cabos area are from the U.S.

These figures are up from the past two years affected by the pandemic. Spring break season generally lasts five weeks, from the first days of March until early April.

Spring Break

What countries bring the most tourists to the area?

The Los Cabos area has always been a central tourist hub for North American travelers. After a couple of down years for tourism in the area, the primary market should be Canadian and American travelers.

There are plans for new direct flights coming from Spain. These flights will continue an upward trend of European travelers to the area, but that won’t come until this summer.

Canada is adding direct flights to San Jose del Cabo from three cities. These additions underscore the need for more access for Canadian travelers to the Los Cabos area.

Overall, while the Los Cabos area continues to expand its reach for global tourism, its two strongholds continue to be Canada and United States tourism. Because of lifting restrictions for travel worldwide, tourism is keen to bounce back in 2022. Perhaps no place better embodies this than Los Cabos.