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Tourists Being Picked Up 5 Hours Early For Flights Due To Traffic Jams In Los Cabos

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With any bustling city or booming tourist destination, traffic can always be an issue. In Los Cabos, even with the highway bypass by the Los Cabos International Airport, traffic issues are getting worse.

Traffic jam

How bad are the traffic problems?

Getting from one destination to another has been a growing problem in Los Cabos. This problem is felt not only by its local citizens, but tourists as well. Tourists are starting to see their arrival and departure days being greatly affected.

According to Juan Carlos del Rio, spokesman for the Mexican Association of Agencies, pickup times have gotten out of hand. “Transporters have to pick up tourists five hours in advance of their flight.” The reasoning behind this is the congested traffic during peak hours, and higher rate of accidents in the area.

What is the cause of these issues?

There are a couple main issues leading to traffic problems in the area. Los Cabos becoming a more desirable vacation locale over the years has been a great boon for the area.

However, increased traffic brings challenges for mobility in the area. Longer travel times have affected both tourists and citizens of Los Cabos.

The road bypass next to the Los Cabos International Airport has not been the solution everyone was hoping for. According to the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, the bypass does not have adequate technology. Since the bypass does not have the necessary technology, it hasn’t been effective in alleviating traffic congestion.

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Budget constraints being made from the federal level is an issue. Lines are being made at the toll booths because of understaffing and underwhelming technology.

Public transportation affected

The northern section of Cabo San Lucas has felt the pinch of traffic delays. An increase of traffic delays over thirty minutes have become the norm for public transportation.

Sixty percent of the population is in the northern corridor of Cabo San Lucas, and citizens aren’t seeing improvements in daily traffic fluidity.

Los Cabos Airport

What solutions are being put forth?

There does seem to be one short term solution that is gaining a general consensus. The tourism sector is asking that during a traffic accident, causing a traffic jam could be alleviated by raising the safety pens on collection booths.

This could be particularly valuable on the Transpeninsular Highway. Raising the pens on toll booths during an accident, would make for faster crossings and prevent tourists from missing their flights.

For years now mobility has been an important issue around the Los Cabos region. If travel times do not improve, and it affects tourists enjoying the region, the tourism market could suffer a setback.

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How can this affect your stay?

Waiting in traffic is never how anyone wants to spend their vacation time. While traffic can be an issue for almost any major metropolitan area or tourist destination, there are ways to prepare yourself.

Departing for your destination earlier than usual is one way to combat any unexpected traffic delays. While this may not be possible when flying into your destination, you can arrive early to the airport for your departure.

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Avoid traveling during peak travel days or seasons. There are certain months and days out of the week that are busier than normal for most tourist spots. Do your research, plan ahead and if at all possible, take your vacation during off peak times of the year.

Lastly, be aware of secondary options during all portions of your trip. Find a different mode of transportation to get you around the city. Knowing alternative flights and pricing in case you miss your initial flight.

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