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How Expensive Is A Los Cabos Vacation This Summer?

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Cabo is widely considered the most expensive Mexican beach town to vacation in.

What that statement doesn’t factor in, though, is that the destination offers a set of amenities and a sense of privacy that you probably won’t get at another Mexican destination.

People On A Boat Tour in Los Cabos

This article will provide an estimate of how much it can cost to spend a summer vacation in Cabo, contemplating three main expenses.

These are going to be travel expenses, lodging costs, and entertainment fees, plus add-ons. 

Travel Expenses To Get To Los Cabos 

Naturally, the cost of a flight to get to Los Cabos will vary drastically depending on where you’re starting out from.

Direct flights from LAX to Cabo in the middle of June are currently going for 220 to 300 dollars.

These prices can be considered a decent deal, and it may be a good time to purchase your tickets before they start to climb as summer approaches. 

American Airlines Flight Leaving LAX

Spirit Airlines are currently offering a 300-dollar direct flight from DFW on the same middle of June dates.

A direct flight from this area to Cabo, though, usually costs around 500 dollars per person. Especially when you factor in luggage and other add-ons that you’re going to want to purchase. 

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Spirit Airlines plane coming out of LAX airport

Out of JFK in New York, Jet Blue is offering a direct flight at 300 dollars. Oddly enough, there are more 300-dollar-per-person options out of NYC than there are out of Dallas.

If you’re planning a trip to Cabo and you want to find good deals on airfares, it could be a good idea to make these purchases as soon as possible.

As previously stated rates are likely to climb in the coming weeks. 

Icy Runway at JFK Airport In New York With A Jet Blue Plane

How Expensive Will Hotels Be?

The average nightly rate at Cabo hotels is currently around 480 dollars. If you’re going to pay a fee that’s around that average, it’s a good idea to ensure that you’ll be staying at an all-inclusive hotel.

That way, even though the nightly fee can seem high, you’ll have meals covered for the duration of your stay.

Villa del Palmar Beach Resort and Hotel Tesoro are two of the all-inclusive hotels where you can get a nightly rate of a bit under 400 dollars for 2 people. 

View of the Pool and Hotel at Grand Velas Los Cabos

If you’re looking for a lower-cost option renting an Airbnb could be the way to go. Room rentals near the Cabo San Lucas marina go for an average of 55 dollars a night.

Most of these condos don’t give you access to the beach, but will save you money.

In San Jose del Cabo, you may be able to find decent rooms for around 35 dollars a night for two people. Most of them will also lack beach access.

A beachside Airbnb will typically go for around 100 dollars a night on the low end. 

view from casa cortez villa

Entertainment, Food & Other Amenities

Dining out at any middle-of-the-road to high-end restaurant can set you back at least 120 to 150 dollars on average.

Those prices will only rise if you decide to order alcoholic drinks with your meal. If you decide to dine out at a medium to high-end restaurant every night, you’ll be paying about the same amount as you would daily at an all-inclusive resort.

When you factor in breakfast and lunch plus the cost of getting from place to place, you’ll likely be over that 400 to 500 dollars per day average. 

restaurant at the one&only resort

Golfing in Cabo is going to start at around 100 dollars per round on average. That’s just tee time; if you need to rent clubs, that price is also going to go up.

Fishing tours can go for around 450 dollars, but that can include more people on the boat and everything you need for your adventure.

Pretty much any boating or snorkeling tour costs from 40 dollars per person up to over 100. 

Fishing Boat In Cabo

Adding Things Up How Much Does A Cabo Summer Vacation Cost?

Factoring in plane tickets costing an average of 300 dollars per person and a 5-day vacation at all-inclusive at 450 a night that adds up to 2,850 for a 2-person getaway.

You can round that up to 3,000 with any add-ons that you may want to purchase for the plane ride. Also, if you’re going to be taking any type of tour while in Cabo.

Souvenirs and anything that you purchase outside the resort may take your total beyond this average.

Tourists In The Los Cabos Marina

As previously stated, you could cut costs by staying at a vacation rental. Also, preparing your own meals is a great way to save money.

Cabo is home to large supermarkets where you could potentially do your shopping for the week and find virtually anything that you need.

All things considered that 3000 dollar average for a 5-day two-person vacation is a good starting point for people who are considering traveling to Cabo this summer.

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