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Los Cabos Police Urge Tourists To Report Issues To Authorities

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Observing a crime take place, or even worse being a victim of a crime while on vacation definitely can put a negative spin on a tourist’s getaway to Los Cabos.

Despite this, visitors to Los Cabos still need to ensure that the crime is properly reported to protect themselves and others while visiting the beach resort destination.

Avoiding Reporting

Police Cabo Vendor

It is understandable that tourists don’t want to get involved if they observe a crime while on vacation in Los Cabos. However, local municipal police are trying to encourage visitors to speak up and report what they saw.

It is a responsibility we all have as guests and citizens of Los Cabos, even for a short time while enjoying a vacation.

Despite this, Los Cabos municipal police struggle with completing reports and getting justice for victims of crime because of the lack of support from visitors to the community.

Person Being Escorted In Handcuffs By Police

This leads to more crime against tourists because the criminals know that tourists avoid reporting crimes observed by or committed against them.

Without the support from tourists in Los Cabos, crime goes unpunished for those committing the illegal activities, which makes other victims suffer from additional crimes.

Take Action Against Crime

The situation is even worse when a crime occurs against a tourist while on vacation in Los Cabos, and the visitor does not want to take the time to report the crime and complete the process.

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Municipal police in Mexico

While this may be because of embarrassment or shame from being a victim of a crime while on vacation, it is still critical to make sure the criminal is brought to justice.

Other visitors may skip reporting crimes they suffer in Los Cabos because they feel it’s a hassle and not worth the time and effort to report it.

However, this is not the case. This simply lets the criminal get away with additional crimes against visitors instead of being apprehended by the municipal police.

Police investigating a crime

Another common issue police hear is that it was only a petty crime and not a big deal money-wise.

However, victims should realize that this is how criminals get started and usually only leads to additional larger and potentially violent crimes against locals and tourists.

No matter the reason why crimes involving tourists often go unreported, Director of Public Security of Los Cabos, Jesús Antonio Gomez Rodríguez urges tourists in Los Cabos to be part of the process and actively help his officers keep the beach resort destination a safer place for everyone.

Police searching a backpack on the beach

What Should Tourists Do?

It’s a simple answer. If a tourist sees a crime committed when visiting Los Cabos, or they are a victim of a crime, speak up. See something and say something when visiting the beach resort destination.

Find a Los Cabos municipal police officer to report the crime or remain after one occurs to provide information to the investigating officer. If one is not nearby, find someone that can call the police to get the crime reported to start the investigation process.

Police patrolling a beach in Mexico

The municipal police understand that visitors to Los Cabos want to get on their way to enjoy the rest of their vacation. They will do their best to get the essential details needed to investigate the crime and then get the visitor back to enjoying the rest of their trip.

By Los Cabos tourists doing their part when observing a crime, or reporting when becoming of a victim of one, is the only way the local police can reduce the amount of crime in beach resort destinations for the betterment of locals and travelers alike.

It is an obligation we all have as responsible citizen travelers to international countries around the world.

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