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Celebrities Expected In Los Cabos For Film Festival

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After two years in which the Los Cabos film festival had been conducted virtually due to the pandemic, it was finally announced that from the 9th to the 13th of November, the 11th annual Los Cabos International Festival would return to its usual format. In pre-pandemic days plenty of Hollywood A-listers had made their way to the Mexican Pacific for the festival.

Robert De Niro On Red Carpet At Film Festival

Robert De Niro, Reese Witherspoon, Diego Luna, Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, and Liam Neeson are just some of the stars that have taken part in the event in previous editions. Plenty of these actors, most notably, Robert De Niro, happen to be Cabo regulars regardless of whether they’re taking part in the festivities or not. Who can we expect to grace the red carpet this year?

Popular Movies That Have Been Screened At The Event Over The Years    

In previous editions of the festival over 90% of the films being screened in Los Cabos were being viewed by the public for the first time. It seems the 2022 edition will be no different. Currently, event organizers are calling for entries from all across the globe for independent films that want to be screened in Los Cabos. 

Los Cabos is ready to receive filmmakers from across the globe

Over the years though, at least one or two Oscar hopeful movies get a special screening in Los Cabos. In the year 2012 for example, the Oscar nominated NO, starring Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal got a special screening in Cabo shores. The film garnered Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín his first Oscar nomination. Larraín would go on to direct two of the most popular political biopics of the last few years in “Spencer”, and “Jackie”, respectively. This year it’s actually another popular biopic that’s potentially getting a special screening in Los Cabos.   

Stars That Have Come to Cabo Shores To Be Honored At The Film Festival  

As previously mentioned Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon have both walked down the red carpet in Cabo. Kidman actually received the Los Cabos International Film Festival 2018 Outstanding Work in Cinema tribute award. While Witherspoon just appeared as a distinguished guest at the festival. Actors Edward Norton, Adam Driver, and Dennis Quiad are a few of the other names that have appeared on the Cabo red carpet as special guests. With 2022 being the first year back to normal for the festival, the event’s artistic director Maru Garzon teased that there will certainly be VIP guests at this year’s edition saying, 

“It’s important to continue to insist that the festival belongs to Los Cabos, and it’s put on for the people of Los Cabos. All of the efforts that can be put into bringing a special guest would be sterile without the enthusiasm, and the presence of the general public. That’s something that we can never stop cultivating, insisting on, and promoting!” 

crowd at outdoor movie screening

Oscar Hopeful “Elvis” May Get A Special Los Cabos Screening 

Although the nominees for the multiple awards in diverse categories that the festival gives out will not be revealed until October there are some movies that are likely to get a special Cabo screening. Oscar hopeful, “Elvis” which depicts the life of rock icon Elvis Presley and has already gone on to make over 250 million dollars at the box office will likely get a special Cabo screening. 

Organizers of the Los Cabos film festival set up a special screening for people in Chetumal, a town near Cancun, before the film was released in theaters and streaming platforms back in July. With that in mind, and with the Los Cabos film festival taking place in the months leading up to the main award season, director Baz Luhrmann’s movie will certainly appreciate the added spotlight. Particularly since the movie will have been out for quite a while by the time the main award season comes along.