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Cardi B Shares Luxury Vacation In Los Cabos Including Sinking Yacht

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To say that Cardi B’s Cabo get away with hubby Offset was an eventful one may be quite the understatement. The couple decided to spend Memorial Day weekend away from the kids, and so they flew down to Cabo on a private jet. Cardi wasn’t keeping things as private and low key as other celebs like to do when they visit the region. Upon landing she took to Twitter to announce her arrival to Cabo saying, “We in Cabo …. Where the hoes at ? What’s the vibes for the night ? !” 

Cardi B & Husband Offset

While in Cabo the couple witnessed a yacht sinking, in what is arguably one of the most out of context Cardi B Instagram stories ever. To top it all off, Offset, and Cardi were seen buying souvenirs from local kids. 

The Sinking Yacht Video      

Cardi B took to her Instagram stories to document the sinking of a yacht that was happening just a few feet from where she was. From the looks of things Cardi was catching some sun in what looked like a hotel pool area that overlooked the sea. She probably expected to get a glimpse of the calm Cabo bay while chilling in the hotel pool. 

yacht in Cabo San Lucas

That was not what took place at all. In the video we can see the sinking yacht accompanied by Cardi’s up beat commentary. What’s odd is that she seems to be the only one in the pool freaking out about what’s going on. According to Cardi B’s story there was luckily no one on the boat as it sank. This incident took place in Santa Maria beach in Cabo San Lucas according to external reports. It’s likely Cardi B. and Offset were staying at a resort within that area.   

Cardi B Deserves An Award for Her Comentary

Later on in the day she provided an update for her fans on the boat story. She mentioned that she had noticed a scuba team in the area trying to recuperate the boat. According to her own estimations though, the boat was long gone. She would go on to comment, “that sh** is in Bikini Bottom. That b**** long gone! Spongebob is auctioning that b****.” Once you see the original sinking video you’ll probably remember those Cardi B screams for a while. 

Hitting Up The Club In Los Cabos                

After the emotional sinking of the boat experience Cardi B, Offset, and what seemed to be other couples that were with them on their trip hit up a private event. The venue for the event just so happened to feature a pole, and Cardi was not shy about showing off all the training she had to do for when she was in Hustlers. 

DJ private event

The video shows Cardi working the pole as Offset looks on with a grin that went from ear to ear. Although the part of the video that we got a chance to see makes for a “steamy”encounter ultimately it seems that it was all in good fun. Hence, the grin from Offset, and the shoutout from the girlfriend who is filming at the end of the video.  

Buying Bracelets From Local Kids

To complete their Cabo journey Cardi B, Offset and the group of friends that they traveled with set out to explore Cabo by day. The group encountered local kids selling bracelets. Offset was the one that spent the most talking to the kids potentially getting a good deal for those bracelets that he ultimately bought. It’s fair to say that both musicians really leaned into the Cabo experience and got a taste of virtually everything Cabo has to offer.