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5th Covid Wave Expected In Los Cabos By June

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With the most popular travel season in full swing, Los Cabos is experiencing a rise in Covid cases. This led authorities to officially announce the area’s 5th wave, due to hit early June. While a rise in Covid-19 cases is the last thing any travel destination wants, Los Cabos is handling it quite well, highly prepared from past waves and equipped with all necessary tests to keep citizens and travelers safe.

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Following the trend observed in other countries, more waves bring about less serious symptoms, most of which are flu-like and last just a few days before full recovery. Los Cabos authorities are confident that the 5th wave will do just that, passing by rapidly before plummeting once again. While it’s not the symptoms that are worrisome, those coming from the United States may need to prepare in case of infection. Though cases are low, regulations have not changed when entering into the country from international destinations.

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All those traveling by air from international destinations into the United States are required to show a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 24 hours before boarding. Due to the short notice, travelers are urged to consider travel insurance that covers return flights missed due to a positive result. In this way, they can travel more securely and receive help paying for extra days in hotels and resorts and dining in.

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To help with the unknown, several Los Cabos resorts now offer PCR and antigen testing on site, as well as offers for discounted stays for those who test positive while on vacation. Guests can get results within two hours, getting it done before they take off to the airport if needed. There are no testing sites at the airport in Los Cabos, so guests will need to make arrangements beforehand.

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Whether it’s a visitor or a citizen, Los Cabos urges those with a positive test result to stay in for at least 5 days, allowing their infectious stages to pass and reducing the chances of passing on the infection to others. Even after 5 days of quarantine, guests may still test positive, needing to stay until they test negative or receive a letter of recovery from a doctor.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, Los Cabos has put forth several efforts to keep the destination safe. From providing heavily discounted quarantine stays to testing at no additional charge, the area has become an example for not only Mexico but several other popular tourist destinations. With news of the upcoming 5th wave, officials have no plans to put forth additional regulations, leaving it to businesses to decide what’s best for them.

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Mexico has had lenient restrictions throughout the pandemic, with no requirements as far as vaccination or negative test for entry. During the peak of the pandemic, Mexico launched the Cuestionario de Salud para Volar, finally dropping it in March due to plummeting Covid cases. Now that things are dying down, many restrictions have dropped, though some resorts in popular tourist areas may still require proof of vaccine.

Couple checking into hotel

When flying into Los Cabos airport, travelers are required to wear a mask. Additionally, some travelers may be pulled aside for additional health screening if they present symptoms of infection (i.e., fever or headache). Once guests are out of the airport, they can choose whether or not to wear a mask when taking public transportation. The only other time masks will be needed will depend on where guests are staying, with some resorts requiring face masks in common areas as long as guests are not eating, drinking, or swimming.