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Cabo Restaurant & Bar Owners Want Unlicensed Food And Beverage Sellers Banned On Beach

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El Médano beach is one of Los Cabos’ most popular swimmable beaches, making it a favorite amongst the area’s new wave of visitors. Bars and restaurants both benefit majorly from tourism and condemn anything that could affect a travelers decision to not choose Los Cabos as their preferred vacation spot. That’s why when a video went viral showcasing the massive fight that broke out on the beach a few days ago, the area’s hospitality services took a stand.

Beach vendor with food and drinks pushing a cart with a bike

This was not an isolated incident, with a number of fights breaking out on crowded beaches within the year. Two of the most recent have involved Los Cabos authorities and vendors, leaving many to blame the lack of order or reinforcement. Police and security are walking along the beach most of the day, though they look for illegal activity and suspicious events. Many times, unlicensed vendors slip by them, as there has been no instant way to distinguish until recent talks of licensed vendor uniforms and QR codes.

Beach vendors talking on the beach

Commenting on the events, Leonardo Pelie, president of the Association of El Médano Beach Business Owners, explained, “The business community is extremely concerned about the situation. It’s not just about what happened but what has been happening, mostly right in front of authorities. We need them to take action and intensify their efforts.” Bars and restaurants in the area agree and have been pushing officials to do something to help.

Person speaking to a crowd sitting

There are already police and security posted on the beach, most keeping a look out for illegal activity. Additionally, they are there for accessibility, allowing tourists to easily report crimes if they are victim or witnesses to common occurrences like theft. Although they have an active presence, business owners are pushing for stricter enforcement of laws and added regulations to tame the issue.

Mexican police walking on the beach

With hopes to take advantage of travelers in the area, vendors both registered and non-registered have overflooded the beach, sometimes bombarding travelers with a showcase of items for sale. Many sell standard items like hats, sunglasses, and ponchos, while others have started to offer beer and illegal items such as drugs. It can be difficult to keep a close eye on every vendor, especially since there aren’t laws with a specific capacity for beaches.

Police checking a beach vendor near the ocean

Recognizing the sudden increase of unlicensed vendors, authorities put initiatives in place to regulate vendors, requiring that approved vendors wear a uniform and obtain a QR code to legally sell items on the beach. Officials estimate that there are more than 900 vendors on the beach, of which only 600 have completed their registration for permission to sell. It’s said that officials will fine vendors without a license, removing them from the beach afterward.

Group of beach vendors setting up items

While officials still iron the kinks out, bars and restaurants are pushing for quick and lasting solutions to the area’s most pressing issues. Apart from crowding due to unlicensed vendors and rising tensions between those trying to earn money, hospitality services also face issues with rowdy tourists who consume large amounts of alcohol. Its caused dangers near resorts and on the road, which has been a major issue in Los Cabos for some time now.

Large group dancing near the beach

While Los Cabos is known as a vacation spot, all travelers should use caution when consuming alcohol, ensuring that they are always aware of their surroundings and know where they are at all times. Additionally, Los Cabos has increased efforts to decrease traffic accidents, now adding breathalyzers to restaurants and bars where valet is available. Those over the limit will not be allowed to drive and will be ordered a taxi or Uber back to their accommodation.