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Theft Remains The Number 1 Most Committed Crime In Los Cabos

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Analysis of crime in Los Cabos showed that theft remains the #1 most committed. The report released by the Attorney General’s Office showed over 3,700 cases of theft were reported from January to May. Among the most common forms of theft are that of items like money or expensive possessions and vehicle theft.

Man steeling out of backpack in crowded street

The report not only mentioned the occurrence of theft but also mentioned other issues surrounding safety for both residents and visitors in Los Cabos. Perhaps the most concerning were the high level of traffic accidents, on the rise since the beginning of the year. In an attempt to get ahead of the increasing crime rate, officials of the National Public Security System proposed monthly meeting where security issues would be discussed.

Traffic accident scene with debris, police, and abulance

Since the start of these meetings, officials have seen a gradual decrease in the number of crimes committed. One of the proposed solutions was to add more security, especially to more densely populated areas. Additionally, several reporting stations were set up around tourist areas, which allowed travelers quick access to authorities to report crimes.

Mexico army members walking on the beach

Travelers are urged to report crimes if they happen, doing so with any official nearby or informing someone within their accommodation that can point them in the right direction. Additionally, Los Cabos officials encourage travelers to exercise caution and to avoid certain risky activity.

Mexican police on beach with kiosk

Keep Belongings Secured

When traveling to any area within Los Cabos, it’s recommended to avoid wearing anything too flashy. Officials recommend to only go to populated areas with the necessities, not coming along with too much baggage or things you would be devastated to lose. That includes expensive jewelry, bags, and extra electronic devices.  When carrying some items, travelers should keep purses and bags close to them and stay aware and alert at all times of their belongings. Pickpockets are creative and have experience with unknowing tourists, able to act swiftly and often go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Pickpocket stealing phone from briefcase

Don’t Take Unknown Roads

Among the types of vehicle theft reported, one common phenomenon took place on a highway late at night, with thieves forcing cars to stop and then taking off with them. Apart from keeping off the roads at night, it’s also recommended to stay on well-lit marked roads that have more traffic. These main roads are victim to less crime and typically are safe and secure due to increased security on the road. If renting a car, only drive and park in verified places and, to avoid unforeseen circumstances, take out insurance when possible.

Street with cars and palm trees

Don’t Venture Off Too Far Outside of Resorts

While it can be fun to venture off the beaten path and explore the beautiful landscapes across Los Cabos, there are some areas that are not entirely safe. When traveling and unfamiliar with the area, it’s recommended to stay close to resort areas and not venture off too far. This is especially true after dark, as there is a higher occurrence of crime. While there are surveillance cameras in several areas and police working around the clock, its best to avoid any extra risk.

Technician installing security cameras near palm trees

Los Cabos has been reported to have a high level of crime but, when it comes to popular travel destinations, these rank as some of the safest in the world. Officials have made a lot of efforts to keep the area safe, initiating programs, enforcing security, and increasing surveillance. Theft can happen at any time, most common in heavily populated tourist areas. Travelers in Los Cabos should use caution, stay alert, and, if a crime is committed, report to authorities as soon as possible.