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40 Vendors Per Day Being Removed From Los Cabos Beaches

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Los Cabos authorities are clamping down on “illegal” vendors that roam the beaches in the area. The local Tax inspection coordinator, Manuel Guerrero Cruz, proudly stated that over the last 10 days the filters that were set up just in access points to “Playa Medano” have been able to remove about 30 to 40 unregulated vendors every day. To be able to sell any type of merchandise on the beaches of Los Cabos, vendors must follow a wide variety of rules. On the effectiveness of these filters Guerrero Cruz mentioned, 

Certified Vendor Los Cabos

“We are trying to control everything. With the security filters specifically, it’s worth noting that we set them up only 10 days ago, and they are producing very positive results. Every day around 30 to 40 unauthorized street vendors are removed from the beach” 

police patrolling beaches

What Are The Rules To Be Able To Operate As A Beach Vendor?   

It would seem that the rules that are set in place for beach vendors have two main goals. Number one the rules are meant to formalize the way that these vendors go about their business. Also, authorities want to make sure that these vendors look adequately dressed to perform their duties. One of the rules that they must follow is to wear a clean white shirt as part of a beach instituted uniform. 

Vendors Must Wear White

Of course, the vendors have to verify their identity via a license that is given to them by the local government. Guerrero Cruz, didn’t specify what the cost for the permit was. He did mention though that Los Cabos beaches currently have around 400 certified vendors that are allowed to work the beaches. The other main concern that authorities seem to have is making sure that there are no kids underage working on the beach. 

Teens Selling Food Near Beach

This is certainly a way to ensure that they are discouraging child labor. Which, by most accounts, was rather common in the area when the sale of items on the beach wasn’t necessarily regulated. Even certified sellers are not allowed to bring kids onto the beach to help them perform their daily duties. The filters are currently located in Playa Mediano which is the Los Cabos beach with the highest number of regular beachgoers. 

Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas

How Many People Are Still Looking To Operate Outside of The Law?    

On top of mentioning that about 30 to 40 vendors are removed from the beaches Guerrero Cruz ventured to estimate that there are at least the same amount of vendors without a license as there are with a license. That would mean effectively that about 400 people are on the outside looking in. Guerrero Cruz mentions that his organization is still working on ways to be able to tackle this issue. Naturally, the main goal is to try and regulate most if not all of the sellers that are currently operating illegally.

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With the guidelines being what they are, a solution for minors who need to work to support their families, as well as single parents is potentially not on the verge of being reached. Since the presence of minors in a working role at local beaches is one of the key elements that the authorities have put their foot down on. Guerrero Cruz did not make it clear whether these security filters would extend to some of the other less affluent beaches.

Less people on beach

At the moment these beaches are essentially the only place where unregulated workers could potentially still operate. Making it riskier on beach goers at these beaches who have to do business with unregulated workers. These unregulated workers could price their goods at absurd prices ultimately scamming unsuspecting tourists.