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Cabo Maintains 70% Percent Occupancy Despite Being Most Expensive Mexico Destination

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The number of travelers heading over to Los Cabos continues to be on the rise despite the fact that it happens to be the most expensive Mexican travel destination. A total of 2 million 20 thousand 900 passengers have boarded or landed in Baja California throughout the year. With the Cabo airport leading the way as the facility in the region that receives the most travelers. In fact, the Cabo airport has seen a 24% increase in the number of passengers that have walked through its corridors compared to the last pre-pandemic year of 2019. 

Tourists In Cabo Marina

It’s not low prices though that are bringing people to the Cabo region. On average Cabo hotels are going for 450 dollars a night. That’s the highest average rate in the country. In spite of this Cabo hotels have seen their occupancy rate remain steady right around 70 to 71% throughout the month of June. Things may even get more crowded in Cabo, particularly as we head towards the winter break. It’s not just Cabo though that has seen more tourist arrivals, other important cities in Baja California Sur like the capital La Paz, and the small town of Loreto are seeing more visitors. The tourism sub secretary for the state of Baja California revealed the promising numbers saying, 

Cabo Hotels

“In the month of June Los Cabos reported a hotel occupancy of 71%, La Paz was 82% full, and Loreto was 52% occupied on average throughout the month. These numbers reflect the fact tourists have continued to choose the region, and things are running smoothly. La Paz was one of the most searched destinations for summer travel.”      

La Paz Beach & Hotels

Why The Average Price Per Night In Los Cabos Is So Expensive

It’s no secret that celebrities and wealthy businessmen and women are particularly fond of Los Cabos. Just in the last few weeks celebrities like Shakira, Tom Holland, and the Watt brothers of the NFL have visited Cabo. Many of the VIPs that come to the region love the privacy that is afforded to them by some of the high end resorts that are available in Los Cabos.

JJ Watt On Cabo Beach

Many of the resorts that these people presumably stay at have nightly fees that go above and beyond the 450 dollar per night average that the entire region seems to have. Naturally, this drives up the average price point of Cabo hotels. 

Grand Velas Hotel Los Cabos

To put things into perspective the cheapest room at the Waldorf Astoria in Los Cabos, currently one of the most popular high end options in the region, goes for 1150 a night for tourists who want to vacation in Cabo at the end of August. If you want to stay at the Ritz hotel in San Jose del Cabo you can expect to pay around 1300 dollars a night around those same dates. 

There Are More Affordable Options In Cabo     

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people continue to flock to Cabo is because there are plenty of decent lodging options that are actually below the 450 dollar nightly average price. For example, the RIU Palace hotel is offering an all inclusive price on their rooms for right around 300 dollars a night. That price tag of course includes wining and dining options. Proving that visiting Cabo doesn’t necessarily have to be overly expensive. 

RIU Hotel Pool

If you want to stay in San Jose del Cabo, but may not pay for Ritz luxury you could always choose the Hyatt Place facility that currently has rooms available at right around 100 dollars per night. These are just a couple of examples to show why the average nightly price is that high, and yet people seemingly still flock to the region. There’s essentially something for every budget in the Mexican Pacific.