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You Can Rent The ‘Fboy’ Island Season 2 Mansion In Cabo

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HBO’s FBoy Island took the filming of its second season to Los Cabos. The popular show that somewhat replicates the format used by shows like the Bachelor, with a bit more partying, decided to film its second season in the Mexican Pacific after filming its first season in the Cayman Islands. 

The Show Was Filmed In Casa Ocho In San Jose del Cabo
Image: VRBO

It was revealed that producers would be taking the cast of 26 guys, and 3 girls to a Cabo resort, however, in watching the first few episodes of the show it was evident that the location was not a resort per se. It was actually a large 10 bedroom Cabo Villa known as Casa Ocho. The home is located in the high end private home complex known as Punta Bella in San Jose del Cabo. 

Cabo Home

Anyone Can Rent The Private Villa For Their Cabo Vacation   

Since the filming of the second season of FBoy island has concluded anyone can rent out the property for their upcoming Cabo vacation. In doing so, they can get a pretty good idea of what it may have cost HBO to produce the show. The amenities that Casa Ocho features such as the butler service, and essentially covering catering needs through an inhouse private chef allowed the production team to keep things in house, and not have to look for too many external service providers. 

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A night at the 10 bedroom 10.5 bathroom villa that is able to accommodate up to 34 guests sets you back a base price of 9,500 USD plus tax. Taxes on Cabo rentals of this magnitude can increase the base price by up to 19%, therefore, the final price tag on the property may be much steeper than originally advertised. Speaking of the extra costs, the food that the chefs need to prepare exquisite meals can be brought directly to the home by the staff. Expect a 20% added cost on food prices to be tacked on to the grocery bill as a delivery fee. 

Image: VRBO

The Actual Amenities That Casa Ocho Has To Offer

Describing Casa Ocho as just a ten bedroom villa with butler service, and a private chef would certainly be selling the property short. The 10 bedrooms are divided up into 8 suites, and 2 private apartment-like rooms that are essentially separated from the main house. It’s widely speculated that producers, the director, and other high end executives that visited the home during the production of FBoy Island were able to stay in the private apartments while the cast had to share rooms in the 8 different suites that the property offers. Even though they were sharing a suite, they can’t necessarily complain about harsh work conditions. 

Outdoor Area Casa Ocho
Image: VRBO

As previously mentioned the in-house staff is capable of providing catering services. Since the home is set to house 34 guests feeding the cast which totaled 29 people plus the crew wasn’t too much of an extra ask for the culinary team. When the home is rented out for the total 34 guest count the in-house staff is grown to include one gourmet chef, and 3 sous chefs to make up the culinary team. The in-house staff is also increased to 5 butlers, and 4 housekeepers that cater to the needs of the guests. 

Facilities at Casa 8 certainly do not disappoint. One of the first shots of season 2 of FBoy island shows the infinity pool at Casa Ocho that looks down on to the private Palmilla beach. The outdoor facilities in the home also feature a jacuzzi that was of course, used to film plenty of the scenes that fans of the show can enjoy. The fire pit area, and the outdoor showers that are also part of the facilities that the home includes are sure to make their way onto the show as well.