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Women In Cabo Take To Social Media To Warn Others Of Potential Harassment From Uber Drivers

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In the last week, several women have come forward with complaints of harassment against at least one Uber driver. Some of the other complaints involve men in cars but aren’t specified if they’re tied to an Uber driver or not.

cars on cabo san lucas street

Incidents took place this weekend

On Sunday afternoon, a woman came forward through social media and made a complaint against an Uber driver. The woman complained that the Uber driver allegedly tried to kidnap her in a part of Cabo San Lucas.

The driver allegedly harassed the woman while driving her to the destination. At one point the woman says the driver changed directions from the intended destination and told her “ if she is stolen no one would notice”. This report was made on a social media site.

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Social media used as an outlet for awareness

The incident that happened this past Sunday afternoon, is not the only complaint following similar circumstances. In the last week, three women have reported harassment on social networks as well. 

The three women reported unknown males driving in cars around Cabo San Lucas had harassed them. All three women report that the cars involved are the same in all 3 instances. They claim it is a black and white van that drives around the Gastelum and Cangrejos neighborhood.

Responding to the social media complaints, some officials did respond and said it’s important, especially for women, to come forward. The sooner the victims can come forward and alert authorities of harassment or suspicious activity, the better the odds they can arrest the guilty parties.

police car in cabo san lucas

How to use an Uber safely

Uber has state-of-the-art technology and safe screening of its drivers. However, Uber does acknowledge they’re important measures a driver can take to ensure their safety.

Double-check your ride- When ordering an Uber to take you anywhere, it is imperative that you double-check the details of the car coming to get you. Make sure you are aware of the make and model of the vehicle, match with the same license plate, and driver photo that matches the one on the app. If all three are correct, you can be confident you are getting into the correct car.

Request your ride inside- By requesting your ride inside, you are minimizing the time you are waiting outside, possibly alone with a phone in your hand. Wait inside until your driver arrives.

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Have the driver confirm your name- Your driver will see your first name in their app. By asking the driver to confirm your first name before you enter the vehicle, you have another way to ensure you are getting in the correct vehicle.

Share trip details with loved ones- Its important to know Uber has an option labeled “share trip status” you can tap while en route. This will share drivers name, photo, license plate, and location with whoever you want to share it with.
Ride in the backseat- Whenever possible you want to ride in the backseat, particularly if you’re riding alone. This will give you the freedom to exit the car from the rear door if a situation arises.

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Safe ridesharing helps everyone

When accusations or incidents come up regarding dangerous situations for riders of Uber, there is negatives for everyone involved. The most important part is the safety of the rider. Following these tips is the best way to ensure safety for any rideshare you take. 

These negative situations also cast Uber and the local community in a bad light too. Los Cabos wants all tourists that visit the area to have a safe experience and leave with a positive experience.

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Any situation that affects a tourist’s safety, lessens the chance they will come back to the area for vacation.

Uber also wants to keep their riders as safe as possible. That’s why all the safety implementations put in are designed to keep their customers safe as long as they take advantage of those safety designs.

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