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Los Cabos Breaking All Time Tourism Records

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Los Cabos had a memorable few months for tourism. It’s quite the turnaround from the last two years of the pandemic. While we are only four months into 2022, the tourism sector has set records for visitors thanks to several key factors.

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Los Cabos made history this week

This week, Los Cabos officially hit the highest occupancy figures in its history. Juan Carlos del Rio, spokesman for the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, Los Cabos chapter, spoke about the mark this week. Del Rio stated, “At this time, we are breaking historical occupation records, both foreign and national. At the moment, the North American market has never been stronger. We are coming to an end of the high season for tourism but expect strong occupancy to continue.”

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Factors making Los Cabos so popular

According to del Rio, there are a few things that make Los Cabos such an attractive place for visitors. They see that current tourists are looking to connect more with nature after the pandemic. The pandemic helped open many people’s eyes to the value of entertainment with family in nature. Los Cabos is primed to attract those kinds of tourists because of the pristine beaches and the geographical location of the peninsula. 

Another factor that played a part is the low geographic numbers that Los Cabos has compared to other tourist destinations. Out of the pandemic, tourists are looking for open spaces and low-density populations, this is the perfect match for Los Cabos

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The resurgence of spring break is another factor for the large numbers. College students from America returned to spring break traditions after two years of dwindling numbers due to the pandemic. Los Cabos recorded over 35 thousand spring break students for the five-week season.

The return of the two biggest markets for Los Cabos, Canada and the United States, was a huge factor. With vaccines widely available last year and the infection rates going down, travel sanctions started to lift. This opened up two markets that were hungry for international travel. These factors led to over 350 thousand tourists visiting Los Cabos in March alone.

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Changing the reputation of Los Cabos

Local officials expressed the importance of taking care of all tourists that arrive. Los Cabos has come a long way to repair its image in 2008. Just over a decade ago, homicide rates in Los Cabos were skyrocketing. According to del Rio, “if we take care of tourism, we will continue to have a good year, which will be up to us to avoid all these mishaps that can generate a bad reputation. It took us many years to reverse our image from 2008; let’s not forget.”

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What does this mean for tourists going forward?

While Los Cabos is benefiting greatly from renewed tourism, what does this mean if you plan to visit in the coming months? The busiest time of year for tourism in Los Cabos is November through April. Late spring and early summer will see a high number of visitors as summer vacations are set to begin.

May and June will see prices remain relatively high for hotels and airline tickets. Restaurants, beaches, and other tourist locations will also see crowding periods. However, if you are looking toward July or August, you may see lower prices and smaller crowds as the temperature rises in Los Cabos in late summer.

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