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Protests Continue Along Tourist Route In Los Cabos

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Tuesday morning, April 5th, Cabo San Lucas became the most recent site involving the protest of Airport Shuttles. This protest intentionally targeted the tourist corridor of Cabo San Lucas.

Protest in Cabo San Lucas

In a series of protests and demonstrations that have been ongoing for several months, the latest saw Airport shuttle drivers circling the tourist corridor at 25 mph. These actions held up traffic severely and left citizens stuck in traffic and tourists late for the airport.

The drivers said they would continue to do this until the municipal authorities respond to their demands.

The drivers also want to be included in negotiations, not just told by the city they will come up with a solution.

The protesting drivers did apologize to the Los Cabos citizens for the setback and blocking of traffic. After the apology, the drivers did reiterate that the actions are necessary. The goal is for equal treatment and improvement of public transportation for citizens and tourists.

traffic jam

A statement by one of the protesters read, “Currently, we have complaints filed to the comptroller’s office, going back to March 2nd, and it had no response.”

If there is no immediate response from the city, they will resort to different actions to draw attention to their needs. “This is a short time they’ll have to respond. We will be in this vehicle caravan until they give us an answer. This will be the beginning of our activities until we see a resolution.”

Past Protest By Uber Drivers Affect Tourists

Airport shuttles are far from the only protests ongoing in Los Cabos. Uber drivers also have demonstrated in busy intersections across Los Cabos as a way to send a message to the government. Over this last demonstration and one in early March, they succeeded in heavily blocking and slowing traffic to one of Los Cabos main roadways. There are verified stories of tourists missing flights because of the protests.

If Uber were able to finalize a deal with the Los Cabos government at some point, it would benefit tourists. More ridesharing and public transportation options would invite more competition and lower prices.