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Los Cabos Will Activate Safety and Security Program For Tourists Arriving Over Easter

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The Los Cabos government will activate the “Safe Spring Break” program, and the strategies for citizen and tourist assistance are already in place. Risk prevention and increasing lifeguard personnel on the beaches with the highest influx are part of the operation.

During the Easter 2022 holiday period, which is the vacation period for local and Mexican nationals, the Government of Los Cabos will deploy a special operation from April 8th to 17th. This operation aims to guarantee the safety and health of citizens visiting the different tourist sites in these cities and maintaining order in urban areas.

They held the second logistics meeting this past Thursday in the town of San José del Cabo, where authorities from the three orders of government were present. They established that the operation would start at noon on Friday, April 8th, with a ceremony at the municipal palace esplanade.

Red Cross in Los Cabos, Ready for Easter

Likewise, the operation “Safe Spring Break 2022” is supported by the Red Cross of Los Cabos, which is prepared to assist during the Easter holiday season. They will set up a post at the middle point of the San Jose del Cabo-Cabo San Lucas corridor, along with other elements of the local first responders, firefighters, and authorities. This way, they will be closer to any possible accidents on the road or in the beach area.

Given the large number of tourists and the mobility of local citizens that this holiday period will entail, operation and citizen assistance strategies have already been established. The goal is to have a more significant presence from the security forces, strengthen surveillance, installation of aid posts, risk prevention, and increase coverage of lifeguard personnel on the beaches with the most significant influx.

When interviewed about it, Dr. Crescencio González, president of the Red Cross Board of Trustees in the city of Los Cabos, recommended the population increase safety measures during this holiday season, which include driving with caution, avoiding drinking alcoholic beverages, and getting behind the wheel, especially if they’re traveling with family or friends. Likewise, refrain from using your mobile phone when driving, since this is one of the main factors of the increase in road accidents, even surpassing those caused by drinking and driving. The city is ready to assist, and the Red Cross is a crucial institution that has been a constant lifeline for people when they need them the most.

Recommendations From the Authorities

Even though there are enough personnel and units to provide the attention that the population requires in cases of emergency or transfers without neglecting the population in the local communities, authorities issued other recommendations.

They’re asking people to exercise caution, especially on the San Jose del Cabo-Cabo San Lucas highway, not be distracted, and to follow all the authorities’ traffic rules. Pay attention to the signs indicating speed limits, dangerous curves, and other warnings to avoid traffic accidents, which could put a damper on your Easter holiday vacation.

As for COVID, they emphasize that variants of the virus are still present, and the population should not lower their guard. Even though indicators say that the infections have ceased, we still have to see the results of the presence of crowds of spring breakers. Take into consideration that these holidays should not neglect the health measures we’re already familiar with that will keep local citizens and vacationers safe and healthy.

Finally, the Government of Los Cabos endorses the commitment to safety and security for the population during this holiday period and stresses that prevention is everyone’s responsibility.