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Why San Jose Del Cabo Could Be Baja California Sur’s First Magical Neighborhood 

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In Mexico, there are two programs that distinguish certain cities and neighborhoods as being significant in some way.   

They call these Magic Towns, or Pueblo Magicos, and Magical Neighborhoods, or Barrios Magicos.   

The Magical Neighborhoods program was launched in 2022 and currently includes neighborhoods in multiple cities throughout Mexico.   

Now, San Jose del Cabo could be Baja California Sur’s first Magical Neighborhood, for a number of reasons.   

A Church and a Charming Street in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

But, before getting into those reasons, a look at the concept behind the Magical Neighborhood program will help you understand why San Jose del Cabo could be chosen. 

The Magical Neighborhood Program  

As mentioned before, in order to be honored with the Magical Neighborhood distinction, a particular area of the city must have some sort of significance.   

This can be culturally, naturally, or historically significant, or it could be an area that offers a level of authenticity, either regionally or nationally.   

Each Magical Neighborhood has something about it that makes it unique and somewhere that tourists want to visit. 

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San Jose Del Cabo 

San Jose del Cabo is the quieter, more authentic of the two towns that make up Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas being the more touristy of the two.   

San Jose del Cabo was founded as Mission San Jose del Cabo in 1730 and has a storied past that includes pirates, priests, and more.   

This historical significance is undoubtedly part of the reason for San Jose del Cabo being considered for the Magical Neighborhood program.   

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San Jose Del Cabo’s Historic City Center 

In the historic town of San Jose del Cabo, the most significant neighborhood is in the area of the historic City Center.   

This is the focus of the Magical Neighborhood program, as there are many historically and culturally significant sites in and around this area, as well as authentic shops and restaurants.   

These are the reasons — history, culture, and authenticity — for San José del Cabo being the perfect town for the next Magical Neighborhood.   

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A number of historic sites are present in the historic City Center of San José del Cabo.   

One of the most historical places is Plaza Mijares, an area where locals and tourists gather and events are held.   

Historic buildings in this area include the San Jose Church, the Casa de La Cultura, and the City Hall building.   

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San Jose del Cabo, over the years, has become a thriving artist community, and evidence of this can be seen in the historic City Center.   

Galleries line the old cobblestone streets, welcoming visitors in to explore both international and national art.   

Art has become such an important thing in San Jose del Cabo that various art events are held in this area throughout the year. 

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Along with art galleries and historic buildings, you’ll also find the charming streets of San Jose del Cabo lined with authentic restaurants and shops.   

Stores selling authentic Mexican handicrafts instead of cheap souvenirs.   

And restaurants where you can enjoy traditional dishes over Americanized variations provide visitors with a truly authentic experience.   

Shop in San Jose del Cabo with Art Hanging on the Walls

Benefits Of Becoming A Magical Neighborhood 

San Jose del Cabo exudes charm, but yet it isn’t quite as popular as its more vibrant counterpart, Cabo San Lucas, which sits only minutes away.   

The main benefit of becoming a Magical Neighborhood is gaining the resources to promote tourism to such locations and to complete projects that will make the destination even more welcoming.   

If San Jose del Cabo is honored with this distinction, it’s likely to get a huge boost in popularity, as it should, because it truly is a fascinating destination.

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