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Why Los Cabos Is The Perfect Destination For This Lesser Known Tourism Trend

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There are many different travel trends around the world. Along with ecotourism, which is very popular throughout Mexico, agrotourism is very popular, especially in Europe.

While the dry desert scrub of Los Cabos does not normally lend itself to thoughts of agrotourism, there is a boutique market developing towards attracting more international tourists to try it out Baja California Sur.

What is Agrotourism?

Agrotourism is the popular intersection of tourism and agriculture, and it’s very popular in Europe.

Horses in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico

For example, there are places in Tuscany where visitors can stay at an agrotourism ranch or farm and learn more about raising cattle or even growing olives for olive oil production.

The boutique bed-and-breakfast-style properties provide visitors a chance to live with a local family and share their homemade meals like they were part of the actual Italian family.

But Los Cabos is a Desert

True, agrotourism may seem a little out of place in the desert scrub of Los Cabos.

Local nature with trees and shrubs outside of Rancho Pescadero Resort

It’s not really a strong agricultural area like the green, fertile grounds of rural Tuscany. However, a style of agrotourism is starting to build a unique audience in Los Cabos and Baja California Sur.

Instead, the agrotourism experience in Los Cabos is all about ranching and the vaquero lifestyle of the area.

There’s a big draw for people wanting to learn about this type of lifestyle. Just ask the dude ranches in Colorado, Montana, and Wyoming. The tourist connection to ranch agrotourism is a popular draw worldwide.

View inside a villa with plung pool at Rancho Pescaero Resort in Todos Santos

Now Baja California Sur, and in particular the rural areas around Los Cabos, are working to develop this attraction as another experience for travelers to enjoy and learn more about the traditional culture of Mexico.

Connection to Popular Tourist Trends

The ranch life and agrotourism actually connect well with the trends in travel recently identified by the Los Cabos Tourism Trust.

Horses on the beach in cabo san lucas

According to the latest travel research, visitors are looking for three important features when they choose a destination for their next vacation getaway – nature, sustainability, and wellness.

Los Cabos is definitely a draw for visitors from all over the world connected to all three of the trends in international travel destinations.

The ranch agrotourism experience connects visitors to rural Los Cabos and other areas in Baja California Sur, such as La Paz, and also to important lifestyle qualities of both nature and sustainability.

The outside patio of a ranch style accomodation

The Los Cabos Agrotourism Experience

For tourists to Los Cabos, an agrotourism experience provides a very special hands-on opportunity to learn more about the traditional ways of the vaqueros that were some of the original settlers of Baja California Sur.

Visitors can select a day trip ranch to experience rustling cattle while riding a horse and an authentic ranch lunch or even a stay-over opportunity with a local ranching family, rising early to work with the horses and cattle.

Workers Working on a Farm in Mexico

It’s an opportunity to appreciate another side of Los Cabos and Baja California Sur. After all, Los Cabos is much more than whale watching, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and high-end resorts with spa treatments.

A Unique Adventure for Tourists

The agrotourism industry in Los Cabos is just starting to develop and the current opportunities for day trips and overnight stays are limited.

Rural Road in Los Cabos

However, some details can be found online with contact information for tour providers and other companies specializing in ecotourism and agrotourism in Los Cabos.

As the interest continues to develop among travelers to Los Cabos, the agrotourism industry and tourist opportunities will grow.

It will also make a difference in supporting the long-term sustainability of the traditional ranching and vaquero culture that is a special part of the Los Cabos lifestyle.

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