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Officials Warn Tropical Storm Norma Will Become Hurricane As It Moves Towards Los Cabos 

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While the Pacific hurricane season ends in just over a month, it seems that Los Cabos is not out of the woods yet.   

The vacation destination is rarely in the path of a direct hit and seldom receives significant damage from passing storms, but it has dealt with effects from two storms already this year.   

But now officials are warning that Tropical Storm Norma will become a hurricane and is moving towards Los Cabos.  

Rain From a Storm in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

When And Where Tropical Storm Norma Developed 

Tropical Storm Norma began to develop in the Pacific on Tuesday and quickly began to gain strength.   

It didn’t take long for predictions to come out indicating that the tropical storm would transform into a hurricane by Wednesday.   

Winds on Tuesday, when the storm formed and was nearly 700 miles south-southeast of the vacation destination of Cabo San Lucas, were at around 40 mph.  

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Hurricane Norma’s Trajectory 

As of Tuesday, Norma was moving at a rate of 10 mph, moving west-northwest.   

By Wednesday morning, it continued to move along the same trajectory but slowed down to only 7 mph.   

It had also moved closer to the Baja Peninsula and Los Cabos, and maximum sustained winds had increased to 80 mph, with predictions for the storm to intensify rapidly.   

The trajectory of the storm has it heading for Los Cabos, but it’s still unclear as to how far off the coast it will be when it passes or whether it will make landfall.   

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What Kind Of Effects Are Expected In Los Cabos From Hurricane Norma 

At the very least, winds can be expected to pick up in Los Cabos, and heavy rains are likely over the next few days.   

This can lead to flooding that can cause road hazards, as well as dangerous conditions on Los Cabos beaches.   

Anyone visiting Los Cabos should stay informed of changing conditions and listen for watches and warnings.   

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Hurricane Norma Time Frame 

Tropical storm force winds will start to be felt in the most southern portion of the Baja Peninsula over the next couple of days.   

The worst of the effects will start to be felt Sunday, according to current predictions, but these storms can be very unpredictable.   

Landfall, if there is one,  is currently projected for early to late morning Sunday.   

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Hurricane Season In Los Cabos 

Hurricane season in Los Cabos starts on May 15th and runs until the last day of November.   

There is usually some sort of activity in the Pacific every year, but in recent history, there have only been a few with major effects on the vacation destination.   

The most recent bad storm was Hurricane Odile in September of 2014, which was the strongest storm to hit the Los Cabos area. 

Palm trees blowing in the wind and rain during a strong storm.

2023 Los Cabos Hurricane Season 

The stormiest month in Los Cabos is typically September, but this year has been different.   

This is the second storm in October of this year, and no significant storms were reported at all in September.   

The only other hurricane to really impact Los Cabos this year was Hurricane Hilary, which took place in August. 

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What To Do When A Hurricane Hits While Vacationing In Los Cabos 

Any time you’re traveling to Los Cabos during hurricane season, it’s a good idea to have travel insurance because it might cover weather-related cancelations.   

But what do you do if a hurricane is impending and you’re already in Los Cabos?   

The important thing is to stay informed through news outlets and to discuss safety precautions and measures with hotel staff.   

Since storms are rarely severe, as long as you do this, you’ll likely be safe during Los Cabos’ hurricane season. 

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