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Why Los Cabos Remains Very Safe Despite Lower Amount Of Security Forces

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As tourists continue to flock to the world’s top destinations throughout the year, it’s always nice to know you are in good hands.

Being one of said top destinations, Los Cabos has done a magnificent job protecting the well-being of tourists.

Of course, there are bad apples everywhere, but very rarely do you hear of tourists being harmed in Baja’s southernmost paradise.

scenic beach in san jose del cabo

When you think about it, this is actually quite impressive, considering the statistics revealed this week in the National State Public Security Census (CNSPE) 2023.

It turns out Los Cabos’ security forces are lacking personnel compared to several other Mexican destinations with less than 1000 officers.

However, having a low amount of security forces has not changed the outcome for tourists’ safety here.

In fact, it is one of the safest destinations in all of Mexico. From a vacation perspective, tourists should not be deterred from enjoying their beach vacay.

tourists on beach in los cabos

But how is this so? Cabo continues to invest in other ways to keep tourists safe. Let’s take a look:

Los Cabos Is One Step Ahead

Surely, Los Cabos was fully aware of how the numbers stacked up against other Mexican cities. Although this stunning region of Mexico has not seen an uptick in crime affecting tourists, they are still one step ahead.

There have been continued efforts throughout the year to pour investments into safeguarding tourists. The latest news is the addition of 300 more police officers to beef up their presence.

cop on cabo beach

While the new crew will not boost Los Cabos’ security force numbers to the top, it will surely provide tourists extra peace of mind, knowing their safety and comfort are being prioritized.

Especially as Los Cabos continues to break tourism records with no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Continued efforts to recruit more officers is the goal, with endless amounts of tourists coming to one of Mexico’s many beach hotspots.

Los Cabos Needs Tourists In Order To Thrive

tourists on a boat in cabo

It’s hard to picture a scenario where Los Cabos would allow a surge in crime affecting tourists. It is such a worldwide vacation hotspot that without tourists, the local economy would crash.

If there ever were a dangerous situation affecting vacationers, you can bet the house that Los Cabos will put a stop to it right away at all costs.

More and more flights are being added to paradise, and Los Cabos expects those seats to be full. A major reason is that tourists truly do feel protected here because of the massive investment poured in to ensure safety.

vibrant cabo sign

It’s very common to spot cameras throughout tourist hotspots in the area, as well as military presence to keep criminals at bay.

Tourists are always advised to be aware of their surroundings as petty crimes do occur. The goal of increased forces is to make criminals think twice when targeting tourists in commonly visited areas.

Resorts In Los Cabos Are A Safe Haven For Tourists

Why do travelers continue to flock in droves to Los Cabos’ many luxurious resorts? Well, that’s super easy to answer.

infinity pool overlooking los cabos

First, the all-inclusive stays are everything you could imagine and more for your dreamy beach escape.

Expect the sights and sounds of beautiful crashing waves, all-you-can-eat gourmet food, and never-ending pool days. What’s better than that?

Beyond the tangible amenities is the comfort and safety guests experience at these luxe resorts. A key reason travelers make Cabo their go-to beach destination time and time again.

Los Cabos may not have put all their eggs in one basket with thousands of security forces, but they have invested in safety in other ways.

beach resort in cabo

Hotels are putting in extra effort as well to keep guests safe. Just this week, the U.S. government partnered with Mexico to strengthen hotel security at over 90 locations across southern Baja.

While resorts in Cabo were already considered one of the safest places for tourists, the continued workshops and trainings should only increase that perception.

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