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U.S. Government Is Training Los Cabos Security Forces To Ensure Tourist Safety

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When U.S. tourists need their passports for their travels, safety tends to be at the top of their concerns.

One might ask themselves, “Is this place safe?” which is totally normal and a wise question to ask.

Fortunately, for travelers heading down to beautiful Los Cabos, safety is always the number one priority for tourism.

Without tourism, the local economy would tank. Government officials recognize this and put maximum effort into ensuring tourists’ safety.

tourists on a beach in los cabos

Los Cabos is one of the safest destinations in Mexico, in fact. But, can you ever be too safe? In a country such as Mexico, there are very violent areas away from Los Cabos, and no one wants that to become a new norm here.

Tourists should feel relaxed knowing their comfort and safety tops the list of concerns. So much so the U.S. government has joined forces to train local security and offers new ways to keep travelers safe.

Crime In Los Cabos

Like anywhere in the world, there is criminal activity in Los Cabos. Travelers should always be aware of their surroundings.

cop on cabo beach

However, Los Cabos has a very low crime rate affecting tourists. Some may see occasional stories of domestic violence, drunk driving accidents or petty theft.

Yet, rarely anything majorly concerning for tourists. Not often would you ever hear of travelers being deterred from visiting Los Cabos.

The plan is to keep it that way. Mexico has done a fine job keeping this region safe, but why not bring in a powerhouse like the United States to seal the cracks?

U.S. Government’s Role In Strengthening Security Forces

mexico soldier in los cabos

Mexico has tapped the U.S. to help strengthen its security forces. Joint meetings have been held via the Overseas Security Advisory Council (OSAC).

The most recognizable agency involved might be the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), where the priority is continuing efforts to maintain the safety of American tourists.

U.S. tourists are Cabo’s top demographic for vacationers. The goal is to keep them safe at the luxe resorts, fun bar scene, and adventurous excursions.

Unfortunately, Los Cabos does have its bad apples, and this is where the U.S. is stepping in to address Cabo’s dark underbelly.

fbi agent

While tourists should not be overly concerned, there have been human trafficking and drug trafficking incidents.

Not only is tourist safety a top priority, but local residents too. Many of Cabo’s hotels have stepped up to tackle this issue head-on, and the U.S. government is assisting.

How Hotels Plan To Keep Tourists Safe

The U.S. government is working hand in hand with the Los Cabos Hotel Association and coming up with new guidelines and protocols to detect warning signs of illegal activity that could potentially threaten the safety of tourists.

hotel on pristine beach in los cabos

“As the destination’s Hotel Association, we have always worked hand in hand to give the necessary importance to security issues in the destination,” said President of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, Lilzi Orcí Fregoso

Fregoso continued, “We are very aware that security is one of the main attractions of any city, and that is why we have always worked in together with various authorities, with the aim of adding to this issue.”

A new training program is being implemented at over 90 tourist developments within the Los Cabos Hotel Association.

hotel on pristine beach in los cabos

A special focus is being placed on security teams at all of these hotels. Workshops are actively being held to keep minds fresh on what to look for in these illegal activities.

The main focus was human trafficking and importation of the highly dangerous drug – Fentanyl.

Cabo has a perception of a very safe place to travel as well as live. In fact, many Americans purchase property in the area.

It is this perception that brings tourists back and sometimes even leads to choosing to make Cabo their new home.

Recent surveys show the topic of safety is a major draw to the area, so hotels want to do all they can to maintain that image.

police outside los cabos resort

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