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Los Cabos To Add 300 Police Officers To Improve Tourist Safety 

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Security, and a sense of safety, are important in any vacation destination, especially one as popular as Los Cabos.   

This is why security officials in the region are constantly implementing new security operations and adding more security personnel to monitor the area.   

And now Los Cabos is adding another 300 police officers to the force in order to improve tourist safety even more.   

Police Officers on a Los Cabos, Mexico Beach

Los Cabos Police 

There are multiple police forces that operate in Los Cabos, including the State Police, the Tourist Police, and the Municipal Police.   

The Tourist Police and the Municipal Police are the ones that tourists are most likely to see in the tourist areas of Los Cabos.   

It is the Municipal Police force that will be recruiting more officers to add to the team, with the goal of bringing on 300 more officers.   

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The Growing Popularity Of Los Cabos 

The increase in the need for more police officers is due to the growing popularity of Los Cabos as a vacation destination.   

Last year more than 7 million tourists arrived at Los Cabos Airport to visit destinations like Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, and other surrounding areas.   

In the first half of this year, there has already been a 12 percent increase in tourist arrivals compared to last year. 

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Meeting The Increasing Demand To Keep Tourists Safe 

Compared to May of 2019, this May has seen a 28 percent increase in the number of available seats on flights to Los Cabos too.   

This means airlines are adding seats to keep up with the demand of tourists.   

And Los Cabos is adding security to keep up with that same demand.   

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Hiring More Police Officers 

The hiring of 300 more police officers is one way that officials are trying to meet the increasing demand.   

One official pointed out that there are enough officers to “get the job ahead,” “but it is necessary to increase the number of police officers for better care and less response time between each event.”   

This is why security officials are undergoing a massive hiring event, focusing on young potential officers looking for a career in police work.   

Police Vehicle Driving Down a Street in Los Cabos, Mexico

Additional Security Officials That Keep Los Cabos Safe For Tourists 

In addition to the different police departments that operate in Los Cabos, security is provided by other institutions as well.   

The National Guard is especially involved in keeping tourists safe in Los Cabos.   

It isn’t uncommon to see National Guard officers, which is made up of officials from the different military branches, patrolling the beaches, the marinas, and other popular tourist areas in both Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.  

Municipal police in Mexico

Safety Issues Los Cabos Tourists Should Watch Out For  

Los Cabos is one of the safest vacation destinations in Mexico, but just like anywhere else, there are safety issues that tourists should watch out for.   

Drug dealers looking to benefit from the arrival of tourists, scam artists offering fake services and excursions, and pickpockets are the main safety issues that tourists should beware of in Los Cabos.   

Violent crime is something visitors rarely have to deal with, as long as they stay within tourist areas. 

Lady getting her phone stolen by a pickpocketter

How To Stay Safe On Your Los Cabos Vacation  

It’s important to always be aware of your surroundings, not just in Los Cabos but anywhere you visit.   

Don’t accept drinks from strangers, don’t leave your drink alone, don’t walk alone at night, don’t accept rides from unknown individuals, and don’t go into neighborhoods outside of the tourist hotspots.   

As long as you’re careful and aware, security officials and police officers will handle the rest, and you’ll have an amazing Los Cabos vacation, just like the millions of tourists who visit every year.

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