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These Are The 28 U.S. Cities With Nonstop Flights To Los Cabos This Winter

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Los Cabos is a year-round destination for a sunny beach getaway. Summer tends to see the biggest crowds, but Cabo may be even more enjoyable in the following seasoms.

Now that fall has arrived, its time to make plans for your next dream vacation. Is fall too soon to make travel plans or is it best to wait for winter?

american and southwest planes at tropical airport

Either way, Cabo has you covered! With luxe accommodations, such as all-inclusive resorts and awesome Airbnbs, your next escape is just a short flight away from many U.S. cities.

Its no secret Los Cabos is a fan favorite, so more flights are added throughout the year. Flight options ranging from top-of-the-line carriers, like Delta, to budget airlines, like Sun Country, will all get you here.

Even Mexican airlines can be a great option for American travelers. Let’s take a look at which airlines and cities offer direct flights to Los Cabos this winter.

Budget Airlines

sun country airplane at MSP airport

Let’s face it, Cabo can be an expensive place! Saving money on airfare may help you splurge on your beach resort.

Fortunately, there are many low-cost carriers flying nonstop routes to Cabo from the U.S. They may not always save you some dough, but its always worth checking.

The following budget airlines offer nonstop flights from the U.S. this winter:

  • Sun Country
  • Southwest
  • JetBlue
exterior of cabo airport

As one might expect, flight routes with low-cost airlines are typically limited. Some may not even be offered on a daily basis, so its best to do your due diligence before booking round-trip.

If this happens to be your first time taking a budget airline, expect your vacation to start when you get off the plane.

The flights are typically a no-frills, bare bones experience. Although, Sun Country was awarded the best low-cost in North America for its surprisingly pleasant amenities.

However, its best to temper expectations for this category of flights, overall. Although, Southwest has a loyal fan base for their unique business model.

jetblue planes

In no particular order, these cities offer nonstop service to Los Cabos via budget airlines:

  • Minneapolis
  • Baltimore
  • Chicago
  • Oakland
  • Sacramento
  • Santa Ana (Orange County)
  • San Diego
  • Phoenix
  • Denver
  • Kansas City
  • Houston
  • Austin
  • St. Louis
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City

Full-Service Airlines

delta plane in blue sky

Those seeking more legroom and more amenities on their journey to Cabo may be more suited for a full-service airline.

These include:

  • Delta
  • American
  • United
  • Alaska

All 4 of these airlines offer nonstop service to Los Cabos, with many coming from major U.S. hubs. The following cities offer nonstop service to Los Cabos via full-service airlines:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth
  • Austin
  • Los Angeles
  • Phoenix
  • Charlotte
  • Seattle
  • Salt Lake City
  • Detroit
  • Atlanta
  • Minneapolis
  • San Francisco
  • Newark
  • Chicago
  • Portland
  • Las Vegas
  • San Jose
alaska airlines plane over mountains

Passengers can expect more amenities than what is typically offered on a budget airlines, such as complimentary refreshments and more modern entertainment options.

Forking over extra money, since these airlines typically cost more than budget carriers, may be your best bet to start off your vacation on the right foot.

It really depends on your budget, since in all likelihood, you have already had to do a double take when viewing Cabo’s sky-high hotel prices.

Other Flight Options

aeromexico plane at LAX airport

Now that you are aware of the nonstop flights for your next Cabo vacay, there are other options to consider as well.

While it is not confirmed when more flights from Mexico-based airlines will take off from U.S. soil, the recent safety rating upgrade all but guarantees more flights are coming soon.

Keep Mexico’s airlines on your radar as they have the highest possible safety rating designated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Another way to potentially save money is you can always connect through another city and this doesn’t have to be on a no-frills airline.

Sometimes nonstop flights can cost more than one that connects. Say you live in Salt Lake City and see Delta flies nonstop to Cabo.

Its quite possible that flight may cost a lot more than if you connected through San Diego, for example.

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