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Popular Los Cabos Market Falls Into Disrepair, Here Are 3 To Visit Instead 

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Los Cabos is primarily known as a vacation destination for its beaches, all-inclusive resorts, and incredible culinary scene. 

However, in addition to the numerous ocean-based activities, restaurants to check out, nightlife options, and amenities within the resorts, the trending destination also has plenty of great shopping destinations.

While beach lovers can enjoy the sunshine, water-based tours and activities, and swimmable, gentle waters at Los Cabos beaches, there are also several amazing entertainment options for shopaholics. 

woman looking at items in outdoor market

The Baja California Sur destination is not only known for its luxury resorts and beaches but also for its shopping options, both indoor and outdoor markets. 

This luxury extends to the multitude of options for shopaholics. 

Whether you’re looking to try a bunch of new foods, purchase souvenirs for friends and family back home, or get a gift or two for yourself, the Los Cabos indoor and outdoor markets have anything and everything you could want or need. 

woman selling food in outdoor market

Unfortunately, one of the former popular markets serving tourists and locals known as the Municipal Market of Cabo San Lucas has fallen into complete disrepair since its closure over a year ago. 

After the outdoor food and craft goods market was shut down, no maintenance was maintained by local authorities to take care of the space. 

The former outdoor food market sold souvenirs and other low-cost goods as well as beverages, fruits, meats, and cheeses. 

shops closed on street

The market was also located right next to what used to be a restaurant that has since also sadly closed. 

This lack of upkeep has not only allowed the space to fall apart but has also made it a health hazard to tourists and locals in the area. 

The former municipal market is now filled with garbage, graffiti, and exposed wiring, and has an infestation of pests. 

Local authorities, namely the Cabo San Lucas delegation, had claimed a year ago that they would revamp the space and turn it into a “cultural-sports corridor project,” but since then, nothing has been in the works.  

people in a bar

While this particular former outdoor market is not safe for visitors, thankfully, there are still plenty of shopping venues in Los Cabos that are safe and functioning. 

Instead of visiting the ghost of this popular market, here are three other outdoor markets that you can visit instead. 

El Merkado 

El Merkado is the ultimate indoor food hall in San Jose del Cabo that is totally worth visiting. 

Opened in 2015, this food market is known as the “gastronomic center” of San Jose del Cabo and features dishes from cuisines spanning the globe. 

man cooking food

With breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert options, this market is perfect for any traveler, regardless of budget, interest, or dietary restriction. 

El Merkado includes coffee shops, Italian pasta, burgers, sushi, and Japanese bowls, and even houses a sports bar.

While the restaurants highlight the best of local Los Cabos restaurants, the in-house bakery also features goods from local farmers. 

Plaza Artesanos 

Plaza Artesanos is a chic semi-outdoor market in San Jose del Cabo that is filled with artisan goods sold by over 75 vendors. 

female vendor selling artisan craft goods

The sellers produce and sell local goods like jewelry, pottery, art pieces, rugs, tote bags, hand-sewn clothing, and other locally sourced Mexican souvenirs

With free parking, this flea market is easily accessible and has air conditioning to keep shoppers comfortable. 

While shopping at Plaza Artesanos, you can even get a massage to relax and exercise some self-care.

San Jose del Cabo Mercado Organico 

San Jose del Cabo Mercado Organico is a classic farmers market held in the Baja California Sur trending vacation spot. 

Opening its doors over 20 years ago, the outdoor farmers market features the best of what local farmers have to offer, with completely organic produce. 

view of fruit stand

In addition to selling various food goods, the market also features vendors selling crafts, jewelry, photography, and other artisan items and souvenirs. 

Sometimes, the outdoor farmers market even has live entertainment through musical performances put on by local talent. 

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