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Why Americans Are Loving This Los Cabos Sunset Experience This Winter

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Across Los Cabos, there is a huge range of awesome experiences enjoyed by American travelers, with everything from adventurous days in the desert landscape outside the destination to luxurious pamper days at wellness centers, ensuring every traveler can find their fun.

With that being said, there’s one place that draws travelers out of their comfortable resorts in big numbers every winter season: the ocean.

A view of the arch at Los Cabos with yachts in the bay

Cruise Into The Sunset

Taking a boat cruise in Los Cabos has become a must-do experience for many, with the stunning coastline providing some of the area’s greatest vistas.

These cruises run for most of the day, with party boats, fishing excursions, and whale watching make up the bulk of the reasons travelers take to the waves.

However, a vacation to Los Cabos for many couples is a romantic experience, and there’s no more romantic way to take to the waves than for a relaxed sunset cruise.

A couple holding hands on a sunset cruise

Each operator operates slightly different offerings, with some being much better value than others. In general, a sunset cruise in Los Cabos will see visitors travel out a few hours before the big event and take in some of the coastal marvels like El Arco (the arch), one of Los Cabos’ most recognizable landmarks.

On top of this many operators provide a wide range of drinks on board, ranging from laid-back cocktails to top-shelf wine and champagne.

For travelers with a love of fine dining, there are even operators who offer high-end cuisine on the open ocean that would rival the swankiest restaurants on land.

A couple toasting while eating a meal on a yacht

How To Choose A Cruise

Choosing a cruise operator in Los Cabos can be a tough decision, not because of a lack of reputable providers, but for precisely the opposite reason: Los Cabos has a near-endless list of cruise options.

For couples looking for exclusivity, a private small-boat/yacht cruise is the most popular option. These private trips provide a lifelong memory to be cherished in a super romantic setting.

Alternatively, for those who don’t mind sharing the moment, great deals can be found on open group boat tours.

People toasting champagne on a boat cruise

It should be said, the joyous experience of a Los Cabos sunset cruise isn’t just reserved for romantic couples, solo-travelers and large groups are just as welcome.

While a quick Google search will give travelers most of the options on offer, it’s important to cross-check each one with tools such as Google reviews, to ensure the operator delivers what is promised.

If that seems intimidating for travelers, one of the best alternative ways to find top operator recommendations for all sorts of trips and excursions in Los Cabos is at the resort reception.

A man filling paperwork at a resort reception

Welcome Return Of American Travelers

In a recent conversation with a local Spanish-language news outlet, one boat cruise operator talked happily about the return of American travelers.

The sector often sees a large drop in customer numbers during the shoulder season, and the return of American travelers in large numbers during the winter season is an important boost, with the generous tipping culture that comes with Americans helping to see many operators through the quieter months.

The American flag flying in front of a Palm tree

But it isn’t just the promise of the all-important dollar that makes operators welcome American travelers so openly.

The friendly, polite, and genuine warmth many Americans bring with them on vacation means they are hugely welcome visitors, a set of cultural personality traits that no doubt play a big part in why even after decades as a tourist destination, Los Cabos is still an open and welcoming choice for Americans.

American Tourists On Boat

Why Winter Trends Big

Each winter, Los Cabos’s population grows enormously with the arrival of American travelers, with many choosing the destination for a well-deserved break from the harsh winter months in the north of the United States.

In contrast, winter in Los Cabos is as close to perfect as it gets, with average daily temperatures ranging between the comfortable mid 75-90°F mark depending on the time of day.

On top of super welcoming temperatures, the humidity in Los Cabos is low, and the destination averages a reliable 360 days of sun per year.

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