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The Surprising Reason More Tourists Are Heading To Los Cabos Right Now

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Travelers make their way to Los Cabos for a variety of reasons, but the gorgeous sandy beaches usually top the list.

Factoring in world-class luxurious resorts overlooking Baja’s most renowned scenery only adds to the allure.

Each year, the travel industry tends to shift. We all know it shifted up, down, and all around during the pandemic, but that was unprecedented times.

couple in resort infinity pool

Now that we are surging forward, new travel trends are revealing themselves in destinations around the globe.

Los Cabos is seeing a new type of traveler as we head into 2024, where it’s not the all-inclusive drinks and buffets they’re seeking.

Quite the opposite, in fact. While some of us want to feast on all the vacation goodies, the health and wellness field is becoming more of a draw for those wanting to recharge and put their mind, body, and soul before anything else.

A Health And Wellness Push

practicing yoga on the beach

Los Cabos may be one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the world, but not all are seeking to splurge on material things.

While some may seek the highest thread count on their boujee hotel’s satin sheets, others are counting calories and pushups on the beach.

A recent study conducted by the Los Cabos Tourism Board has reported that nearly 20% of tourists want to include wellness activities in their itinerary.

Hence the push by the Board to promote Los Cabos as a wellness destination. Visiting Cabo surely has positive affects for mind and soul with the stunning natural sights all around southern Baja.

getting massage at wellness retreat

The physical aspect of health is up to travelers to determine what piques their interest. There are many options to choose from to reset and recharge.

The Price Tag For A Wellness Getaway

Los Cabos tourists are no strangers to stretching their bank account when it comes to having the best experiences here.

Resort rates have fluctuated throughout the year, even toppling over $1,000 nightly at some places. Right now, they’re closer to the $500 range, which is chump change for what some tourists are spending on wellness getaways.

massage on the beach

That is, unless you want to throw down $4,000 on a lavish vacation villa, then you might be on par with the current price tag of prioritizing your health over the usual vacation temptations.

The latest reports show wellness-minded vacationers are spending a whopping $3,000 per trip, which has definitely caught local officials’ attention.

Los Cabos will no longer only be known for gorgeous beaches, sunsets over the famous El Arco, and immaculate resorts.

If the Los Cabos Tourism Board has its way, Cabo is destined to take on a new identity as a major hub for health and wellness with those looking to better themselves paying hefty prices.

woman doing yoga

Making The Most Out Of Wellness Trip To Los Cabos

Simply being in the sun and absorbing Vitamin D has immense health benefits, and that is free of charge anywhere.

So, why spend a boatload of money in Cabo to better your health? There are many answers, and it all depends on what you’re seeking.

Los Cabos has many world-class spas to alleviate all the stresses back home. Whether you’re flying solo, a romantic evening with your significant other, or a girls’ trip, booking an appointment at any of Cabo’s top-rated spas is a must to relax and recharge.

hiker in mountains

Some high-end resorts offer yoga classes, and those who want to go off-the-grid can even book a yoga retreat all around Baja.

While it’s tempting to do your best starfish impression all week, there are ample ways to stay active. Los Cabos may be known for beaches, but hiking is an awesome way to experience the area, among other outdoor activities, such as kayaking.

Rather than feast at all-inclusive buffets, it’s easy to find organic, farm-to-table Baja cuisine for the freshest ingredients.

In fact, Los Cabos is home to the longest-running organic market in all of Mexico, so you’re in the right place to set the tone for a luxurious vacation, all while staying fit.

kayaking in cabo

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