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Are Los Cabos Tourists Expected To Tip On Top Of Rising Prices?

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As one of the most luxurious beach destinations, there is usually a price to pay for the ultimate vacation experience in Los Cabos.

Every traveler has their own vision of how their trip should go down. Some want to relax poolside and read a new book while others want to spend endless hours at the beach and party all night.

waiting serving cocktails in cabo

There’s no wrong way to go about your trip, especially with notoriously high prices. Hotel rates have sticker shock to some travelers thinking to themselves, “isn’t Mexico supposed to be affordable?”.

With average hotel rates at $550 right now, vacationing here can be costly. Factor in a flight, transportation and any excursions you book, the dollar signs rack up pretty quick.

One more expenditure worth noting is gratuity. Cabo tourists receive high-end service across the board, but what are the expectations when it comes to leaving tips?

All-Inclusive Stays

tourists at cabo resort

Besides the stunning scenery of Baja, Cabo’s immaculate resorts are the main draw. Most are nestled beachside with picture-perfect views and all the amenities to fulfill your vacation dreams.

Not every hotel in Los Cabos offers all-inclusive packages, but a big percentage of tourists opt for the extras.

We’re talking all-you-can-eat buffets until you’re too embarrassed to be seen in your swimwear and endless drinks at the swim-up bar.

It may feel as though you paid for everything up front, but you are still receiving a service from hotel workers.

beach resort in cabo

Tourism is the driving force for a productive economy in places like Los Cabos, so you are catered to with the best hospitality, from front desk agents to servers and bartenders.

Their goal is to ensure you’re a happy guest. You can return the favor by keeping cash on hand when ordering food and beverages, especially if you want to be on your bartender’s good side rather than be served watered-down cocktails.


One of the best parts of any trip is going out for a nice meal and trying local cuisine. Mexican food packs a punch all over the country, but here in Baja the seafood is phenomenal.

dining out in cabo

Resorts and restaurants go hand in hand when it comes to gratuity. However, it depends on whether you leave the hotel grounds to go out to eat and if certain on-site restaurants are included in your all-inclusive package.

Regardless, across Mexico, the tipping standard is typically 10-20% of the total bill for restaurants and bars, which is basically on par with the U.S.

Just remember, this is a luxury destination where inflated prices are the norm compared to some other Mexico destinations. Higher bills equal higher tips, adding to your vacation budget.

tourists eating dinner with wine in cabo

Tour Operators

It’s common to tip at bars and restaurants between Mexico and America. Even tip jars are placed when picking up takeout or ordering a coffee.

Sometimes, self-checkout tablets programmed with preset amounts trick us into tipping more! Where it gets dicey is knowing whether to tip beyond the food and beverage industry.

Giving someone a tip is basically a simple ‘thank you’ for providing a pleasant experience, but where is the line drawn?

glass bottom boat tour cabo

Oftentimes, the most memorable event of your trip can be one of the many excursions in the area. Many have the famous rock formation El Arco at the top of their Cabo wish list for the perfect photo, especially at sunset.

Boat tours take tourists here throughout the day while others are all about seeing the oceans gentle giants on a variety of whale tours to choose from – some under $100.

There are slow seasons and busy seasons in Cabo. Right now is among the busiest times of year. These tour guides work hard to provide lasting memories and claim tips can make or break their season. The extra cash helps them make up for all the slow days.

riding horseback on cabo beach

One local guide was quoted as saying, “What helps us sea workers is what we receive as a tip because the salary is sometimes not so good.

Adding, “it was difficult for us to make the shopping for the holidays, whether it is dinner or the gifts.”

Ultimately, tipping is optional anywhere, but you will make a local worker’s day the same way they made yours.

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