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Why A Los Cabos Wellness Vacation Is More Than Just The Spa

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Los Cabos’ claim as a perfect wellness travel destination for a calm and relaxing vacation goes far beyond the different spas that call the region home. In fact, over the last few years, there has been a growing interest amongst Cabo resorts in offering different experiences for tourists.

Today these unique experiences include access to organic produce at local restaurants. Apart from that, guests at multiple resorts can book off-site experiences such as hiking or scuba trips.

Yoga and other types of exercises are currently heavily featured as on-resort experiences as well. 

Women at a yoga class in a tropical resort

An Emphasis On Healthy Foods

One of the biggest issues for Los Cabos as a region is the fact that it’s geographically isolated from the rest of Mexico. Goods have to come in by boat from Mazatlan or through the road that connects Los Cabos to Tijuana and even the USA.

This search for local sustainability born out of the isolation issue has led to the creation of places like Flora Farms, Jazamango, and El Huerto Farm to Table restaurant. 

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fish dish that is served at a beachside restaurant

Each of these spots is an experience all on its own. In fact, Flora Farms has even become one of the more popular wedding venues in Cabo. These restaurants typically sit on the outskirts of Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, away from the ocean.

They feature food that is locally grown within their diverse menu. Apart from the local produce, they can also serve as a way for travelers to add a rural getaway to their beach-filled Cabo weekend. These restaurants can be enjoyed by all travelers regardless of what Cabo resort they happen to be staying at. 

Hiking & Diving Experiences

Wellness retreats also tend to feature experiences within nature. Los Cabos is home to multiple areas that boast amazing hiking trails. One of these spots is the famous Fox Canyon area. This area features camping options near the canyon that can serve as a perfect low-cost lodging choice in Los Cabos.

Travelers can also opt to have the best of both worlds by booking a hiking trip to Fox Canyon through a regular Cabo resort. The Four Seasons, for example, allows guests staying at the resort to include excursions out to the canyon as part of their travel package.

Zorra Canyon Los Cabos

Another experience that is coincidentally also offered as an add-on to travel packages for guests at the Four Seasons resort is a diving experience at Cabo Pulmo. Cabo Pulmo is widely considered the best diving spot in all of Los Cabos.

The region is even protected by UNESCO and has been labeled the world’s aquarium. Low-intensity snorkeling and boating tours can be booked either directly from resorts or through other companies that offer these services to guests staying at any Cabo hotel or vacation home.

Both hiking and diving can be tailored to fit travelers looking for a wellness-themed experience.

At the same time, these activities can appeal to professional divers or even rock climbers. It all comes down to the type of tour that travelers decide to book. 

Diving With Sharks

Best Ways To Book A Wellness Vacation To Cabo 

There are essentially two ways to book or plan this type of vacation to Cabo. As previously mentioned, certain resorts offer unique wellness experiences that can be included in the travel package when a guest pays for their stay at the resort. When all of the experiences are catered by the resort, it’s usually easier not to have to worry about things like commuting, for example.

If you have to go to the Cabo San Lucas Marina to catch a boat for a diving experience, that commute will be taken care of by the resort. Also, it’s typically easier to find things like yoga classes at resorts that offer them rather than trying to find these experiences elsewhere. 

Tourists Walking Around the Marina in San Jose del Cabo

The other way to craft these types of wellness vacations would be to book each experience separately through independent providers that are not necessarily affiliated with the resort. Perhaps the main benefit of choosing this route will be the ability to pick the exact experience that fits your needs best.

When you book everything through the resort, you may be limited by what they offer. Also, travelers would have to pay a set price for any activity. It’s easier to find better deals if you look for experiences offered by external service providers.

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