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Here’s How To Save On Your Next Los Cabos Vacation As Average Nightly Rate Approaches $500 

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Los Cabos has long been a coveted vacation destination by American tourists and others from around the world, but in recent years the tourist destination has exploded in popularity.  This is both good and not so good for tourists.  On the one hand, more hotels are being built to meet demand.  On the other hand, the increasing popularity is driving up prices for everything from transportation to accommodations.  But we’re going to tell you how to save on your next Los Cabos vacation as the average nightly rate approaches the $500 mark. 

Boat on the Water in Front of Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Los Cabos Location

Los Cabos is known for being one of the most expensive vacation destinations in Mexico, and its popularity is only one of the reasons for that. The location of Los Cabos also plays a role in the higher prices for basically everything, as the Baja California Peninsula is not connected to the mainland.  This makes it more difficult for products to reach the tourist destination, including products used by hotels and resorts, which drives up costs, but there are ways to save. 

Beautiful View of Land's End in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Be Flexible With Dates 

The best way to get the lowest price possible for your accommodations for your Los Cabos vacation is to be flexible with your travel dates.  Obviously, weekends tend to be more expensive, and on holidays and during events, you typically see higher rates as well, so if you can avoid these days, you can save some serious money.  Even if you can trade one weekend day for a weekday, the savings can be significant. 

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Tourists in a Beautiful Resort Pool in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Check Direct And 3rd Party Pricing 

Many travelers planning a vacation automatically turn to third-party booking sites to book their accommodations, but this isn’t always the best choice.  For whatever reason — earning reward points, having a guarantee, or booking according to reviews — this is the go-to for many travelers.  But booking direct can sometimes mean saving a considerable amount of money, so you should be sure to check both options.   

Tourists on a Beautiful Beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Book A Package Deal 

Package deals, particularly flight and hotel package deals, can also provide a decent amount of savings on accommodations, even as much as a few hundred dollars.  For example, booking a deluxe king room at Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos All-Included Golf & Spa Resort directly for the dates of April 10-14 would cost $2,653, and two direct flights from Denver would cost $217 each, for a total cost of $3,087.  Booking the same room on the same dates with a direct flight as a package on would only cost $2,401, which represents pretty significant savings.  

Sunwing Website selling packages to Los Cabos hotels

Pay Attention To What’s Included 

Sometimes it might be worth it to pay a little extra for your accommodations if it includes things that you would otherwise have to pay for.  A good example of this is an all-inclusive resort because you can spend a lot of money on dining and drinks while on vacation.  Even if you don’t plan on staying at an all-inclusive resort, you can look for hotels that include breakfast, provide certain activities, or offer drinks or meals at a major discount and compare prices to hotels that don’t offer anything to see if it’s worth it. 

Drinks and food in a hotel buffet.

Book With A Cashback Or Rewards Credit Card 

Certain credit cards may also offer savings on accommodations through either cash back or rewards programs.  To get the savings you simply have to book the reservation and pay for it with that specific credit card.  The percentage of cashback or the amount of rewards you earn greatly depends on the credit card company, but some will give you as much as 5 percent back in rewards or cash back. 

Tourists checking into a luxury resort with a credit card.

If you’re going to vacation in Los Cabos, regardless of the cost, it doesn’t mean that you can’t try to find the best price for accommodations — because everybody likes to save money.  These tips may just help you do that.   

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